In this month’s web exhaust exclusive, we paid a visit once more to MagnaFlow Exhaust. After seeing their quality muffler systems for other vehicle installations, we knew we had to go back to have one specialized for a Chevrolet Caprice. The quality of their product has made them a target as various companies and individuals have tried to mimic their innovations over the years.

When building a car, it’s always good to test fit everything; this will help deter unforeseen obstacles. We also wanted to make sure that they didn’t worry about scratching or modifying anything on the chassis. In order to accomplish this, we took advantage of including our Deed’s Engineering muffler hangers onto the chassis. Once they finish up the exhaust, we will be able to tear down our vehicle and put it back together without issues of clearance, making the build a lot easier to complete.

With a MagnaFlow Performance Exhaust system, you can have both the power and the sound quality that you want and the company has the dyno numbers to prove it! With that said, we knew that we were in good hands as Joe, the MagnaFlow exhaust specialist, hooked up our project Caprice with a full stainless custom exhaust system.