When you buy a diesel or gas powered project hauler you always want to have your vehicle tuned to get the most out of it. With modern technology it is something that can be done in a few hours. Today we are going to show you how a simple programmer can increase the horsepower on your project hauler.
So follow along as we install our H&S Performance programmer for our 08 Ford F250 .

1. This project hauler was ready to be tuned for the most extreme performance out on the market.

2. The hardest part was to unplug the old system and reconnect it so the circuit was back to stock. Once plugged back in we where ready to start on the plug and play tuner.

3. This H&S Performance kit came complete and is pretty straight forward on the install.

4. Before Albert got in over his head he read the installation instructions just to make sure that he was doing everything correctly.

5. Under the dash of these Ford model trucks you will find some cables that you can tap into for power.

6. All of the extra wiring are all wrapped from the factory with shrink wrap to avoid it from grounding out.

7. Using a voltage meter we found the 12-volt constant current that the tuner needed to function properly.

8. The HDMI cable was routed and the suction mount was connected.

9. This part was easy as all you needed to do was plug the back of the cable to the back of the screen.

10. The program input plugs to where the OB2 plug in would attach. This allows the tuner to interact with the factory computer.

11. Once everything is plugged in you choose your model and follow the steps and in less than 5 minutes your truck will be tuned.

12. This truck was ready to perform.