In this month’s tech, we made a visit to the Edelbrock Corporation, a company that has been in the automotive performance game since 1938. With so many years in the industry they have seen fads and trends come and go. With that said, today we are going to be focusing on one fad that has become popular recently; the blacked out or “murdered-out” look, as some refer to it, has been picking up momentum. With this style being the flavor of the month, we didn’t want our readers to be left out, so we decided to feature this Edelbrock RPM level engine that was being assembled and dressed up with blacked-out components.

The good news is that these RPM level engines by Edelbrock are being made to be more affordable, giving you a fully assembled Edelbrock engine that’s ready to run right out of the box, no matter your budget. In addition, all Edelbrock crate engines come with a 24-month, unlimited mileage insured warranty to give you some piece of mind for your investment. In this build, we started off using an Edelbrock E-Street Long-Block that is affordably priced for any builder who already owns an Edelbrock intake manifold and carburetor and wants to step up to a crate engine on a budget. This long-block is the ideal bottom end for any high performance street build and depending on your budget, you can be updated in stages.

Today’s build up will focus on Edelbrock’s valve covers and air cleaners, two products that were first made in the late ‘50s. Made of heavy-gauge sand-cast aluminum, the classic finned valve covers are available in either a classic polished aluminum or durable black powder coated finish, like the ones that we are featuring in this build. So follow along, as Sean at Edelbrock’s engine build department shows us how something classic can still be cool.

1. Blacked out and ready to roll!

2. We started off our build article with an Edelbrock E-Street Long-Block.

3. The intake system received the Edelbrock gaskets, which assured a good seal between the intake and the engine.

4. The made-in-the-USA 2701 aluminum intake was installed.

5. The intake was tightened down from the center out, which will help tighten down the intake evenly.

6. Before getting started, they jumped ahead by leaving the engine at top dead center. This made it easier and faster when it came time to drop in the distributor.

7. The distributor went in easily and as you can see, the pointer on the rotor was pointing to piston number one.

8. Sean installed the distributor cap.

9. The boys at Edelbrock gave us this pointer; any time that you loosen the carb you should replace the gasket as it can cause air leaks. We did this since we knew that the carb wouldn’t come off again and that the engine would be put on the Dyno after being built.

10. The carb was ready to be bolted on.

11. With everybody more focused on chrome, we decided to change it up as the purpose of this tech was to highlight the blacked-out valve covers and accessories.

12. The gaskets were placed on the engine.

13. Sean carefully lined up the valve covers.

14. Once the black finish valve covers were lined up, they were bolted on.

15. This classic look with a modern touch has made these covers the new choice as people are starting to dress their engine compartments with details and accents with less chrome or polished parts.

16. The K&N element will allow this engine to breathe and run better.

17. Last on the agenda was to clip on the aluminum air cleaner cover.

18. This engine was ready to be shipped sporting the new style of blacked out covers.

Power Steering Stop Leak

In this month’s Lowrider Garage “Tip of the Month” series, we talk about Lucas’ power steering stop leak. Just when you thought you were going to need to spend a few hundred dollars in repairs, this tip will show you how you can fix it yourself without going through all the trouble. This tip is especially relevant if you own a car with rack and pinion, beacause the cost of labor to repair your steering will send you off to the cleaners. Lucas Stop Leak is 100 percent guaranteed to stop seal leaks in power steering units or Lucas Oil will give you a full refund. The stop leak totally corrects rack and pinion problems, and is equally effective in reducing slack, squeals, and hard spots in worn rack and pinions. Your results will be immediate and long lasting, and you won’t have to break the bank in sending it in for repair. Manufacturers like Lucas Oil have also developed products that will help get rid of the stains in your driveway from a leaky pump too.

Key Benefits:

  • Guaranteed to stop seal leaks.
  • Stops rack and pinion problems.
  • Very cost effective.

To learn more about this and other Lucas Oil Products log onto