Anybody who has ever set foot into an auto parts store on a mission for chrome will recognize the “Spectre” name. For over 26 years, Spectre Performance has been servicing the aftermarket industry with a vast array of custom parts. Their sufficient parts roster carries anything you’d need to dress up your engine, including everything from polished aluminum pulleys to ball mill valve covers. The company is also unique in the fact that The Speed by Spectre brand is the only brand currently building or creating intake for domestic vehicles in the form of horsepower-rated air intake systems. The principle behind a cold air intake is that cooler air has a higher density, which will contain more oxygen per volume unit than warmer air, thus giving you more power and efficiency once the car has warmed up. The Spectre cold air intake systems are horsepower-rated, washable, reusable, and come with a lifetime warranty.

“No one of two air intake systems has come out the same, and when it comes time for plumbing, there is no wrong way to create a custom look for your ride,” says Guy Smith of Spectre Performance. We learned a lot from Guy, who was willing to take on the task of creating a custom air cleaner system using Spectre’s vast selection intake pieces for us. This process only took a couple of hours, but dramatically changed the appearance of the engine compartment. Now follow along, as Guy creates a custom air intake system for this small-block 350.


Spectre Performance
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1. This small-block 350 engine was ready to receive a breathing upgrade.

2. The stock element was removed from the intake.

3. Using a selection of tubes is the key to creating a custom air intake system.

4. Our first item on the agenda was to find the right ram horn air tubes that featured the right bend and angle.

5. The Spectre boot was applied to the throttle body. This is the foundation that will support the completed air intake system.

6. We stepped back to get an idea of what style air intake we were going to use, as with these intake systems, you can never go wrong.

7. As we mentioned, style is all about the visual aesthetics and it is crucial to get an idea of what tubes you will use.

8. Here is a look at the tube work using shallow air filters. Since we were using dual batteries, this style of a setup would not work with what we look to achieve.

9. We opted to use the bigger air cleaners to allow more air to flow. This setup was also going to give us more room, in order to keep clear from the batteries that we planned on installing in the near future.

10. In order to keep it from having leaks, the tube was welded together.

11. We bench-tested the old air intake to see how much horsepower it was able to handle and the results were 500 HP, which was good for our 350 HP rated engine.

12. The Spectre intake was flowing and was able to support up to a 720 HP engine; giving us more than a 200 HP capability increase.

13. The intake system was ready to be reassembled onto the car, and this step should only take you a few minutes to complete.

14. The ram horn tube was the first part of the system to be bolted back on.

15. Guy made sure that the air cleaners were straight and readable once they where installed.

16. This engine was ready to breathe with its new custom Spectre intake system!