Last month, we began working on our LS clone “build-on-a-budget tech feature.” It’s been an interesting build so far, as the more we tear into it; the more we wonder why people are so intimidated by this process. We decided to do it ourselves and document the build, that way we could show you guys what it would take to prepare one of these engines before transplanting one into your ride. As I mentioned in the last issue, we plan on showing you everything – including the obstacles that we encountered while getting this 5.3 engine together.

As you all know, we picked up our engine from Dave’s Goldenwest Truck wrecking yard. With an increasing surplus of these engines, they had what we needed, and at the right price, too! After the trip to the wrecking yard, we tore into the motor and realized that we were going to need to make a few trips to our local Chevrolet Dealer to purchase some of the dealer-only items we needed to complete our mission. After spending a couple of hundred on miscellaneous pieces, we were able to continue on the build up.

This month, we will show you the newer water tubes that were used in the build, as well as the new sensors. We will also touch on the bottom end and the Milodon gear that we used, which is necessary for protecting the engine. One great aspect of using a Milodon oil pan is that it is a bit shorter than the stock pans, so it doesn’t hang bellow the car frame. Now follow along, as we work on this LS technology. .

As of right now, we have a total of 24 hours invested into this junkyard jewel.
We have made a few trips to our local Rotolo Chevrolet dealer, as well as to our local auto parts store.