We are always looking to find the best new technology available to help you build your next Lowrider. In these tough economic times, our cars take even longer to build, making it crucial to find the best deal for our money. That brings us to this month’s tech article, after a conversation with the guys at Summit Racing, they suggested their latest serpentine kit as a viable option for economically-minded builders. The name “serpentine” usually means that a kit is probably going to hit you for around $2,000 bucks, as this is what most kits on the market are currently being priced at. The team at Summit is now offering one with an MSRP of under $1,300, and that incredible price point definitely caught my attention. When I began inquiring about the kit, I found out that it comes complete with a water pump, alternator, AC pump, hardware, and even the belt. They wanted to target the lower income crowd, but they wanted to do that without sacrificing quality, or tarnishing their name, as they have built a reputation on providing quality parts at affordable prices. The results speak for themselves in this reliable and sturdy serpentine kit.This Summit Racing Serpentine Kit comes complete with all the parts needed for the install.

The engine that we used for this month’s tech had some chrome and billet parts. It was in decent-looking shape, but needed to be completed with some modern upgrades. This Summit serpentine kit achieved that goal, as this simple upgrade was added in just a few short hours. This system is one of the easiest to install, as it fits most mid and full-size cars that were produced in the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, as well as the newer models produced in the ’90s and ’00s. Before purchasing a serpentine kit, you should look for clearance issues by checking the space available between your water pump nose and radiator. Long water pumps usually extend out 8-inches from the engine block, but keep in mind that this is not including the clearance space needed for mechanical or electric fans. Once you know that a serpentine kit will fit, it will be time to throw down some money and purchase one for your build.This first section, or

These billet serpentine systems are easy to install, budget friendly, and styled just right. Now follow along, as we make over the engine compartment using Summit’s latest serpentine kit.

You can see that this kit was installed quickly, as it was very user friendly.