Upon hearing about the plight of Octavio Sanchez and his ailing 1962 Impala, WyoTech Technical School students and faculty members were moved beyond belief, and immediately offered their time and efforts to help restore his car. During his service in Iraq, Sanchez, a 29-year-old Marine Staff Sergeant, was the unfortunate victim of a roadside bomb. The explosion yielded tragic injuries for the young Marine, costing him the use of his left hand, the loss of his right hand altogether, and third-degree burns over 70% of his body. Utilizing the help of the Edelbrock Corporation and Fatsco Transmission Parts, the students and faculty at the WyoTech-Long Beach campus completely rebuilt and restored the small-block Chevrolet engine and transmission to better-than-stock condition.

This build up was a little way to say “thank you” to Octavio Sanchez for the sacrifices he has made for our country. Make sure to look out for the grand debut of the finished ’62 in an upcoming issue, but for now, follow along as the students and staff of WyoTech work around the clock to help refurbish the engine in this American classic.