Tech ProjectThe final part of the 235 engine build now comes to a close. This engine was completely rebuilt from the ground up. In our first part of the series we worked on the motor head, which creates all of the torque and horsepower. As we mentioned before, this 235 engine received Egge components for the internal parts of the block. Last month we installed the Egge cam bearings onto the machined engine block and we balanced the connecting rods to keep the vibration down to a minimum.

This month we’ll wrap up the Egge build, putting the crank, connecting rods, and pistons on without a problem. The head and the engine were once again reunited but not before making sure that the engine was as reliable as before. With Speed-O-Motive behind this project, there won’t be any unforeseen problems with the assembly of this classic engine. Follow along as Bill from Speed-O-Motive finishes up on the Egge buildup.