When Dave at Speed-O-Motive in West Covina, California, told us about a Chevrolet 235 engine that they were going to be working on, we jumped at the opportunity to show the build. When we arrived for our second session, they were ready to start working on the straight-six. The 235-cid engine is very reliable and is often referred to as a bulletproof engine by the bomb guys.

In the first part of the build they concentrated on the head since that’s the part of the engine where all the torque and horsepower comes from. In this month’s issue it’s all about preparing the long-block before assembly. This part of the build is the most tedious part because all of these little steps are what will make or break your engine while exhausting your building time.

As we mentioned before, the engine is going to have Egge components for the internals of the block. Here we’re installing the Egge cam bearings onto the machined engine block and getting the connecting rods balanced to keep the vibration down to a minimum once the engine is complete.