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As you might have seen in last month’s Castrol Syntec Top Shop Challenge update, we’re building a small-block engine and are now full throttle on the build. With this build needing to be completed by August, we only had a few weeks to complete the engine from top to bottom. With us trying to psyche out the competition, it was only natural for us to play some head games. The top end of an engine is where all of the horsepower comes from, so with two Comp turbos being custom made, we started preparing the CNC Trick Flow heads to take everything that we throw at it.

The Trick Flow heads are the Super 23 Race CNC cylinder heads for small-block Chevrolet engines with 18-degree performance. These ported heads are the closest thing that you can get to 18-degree cylinder head performance in a 23-degree head. Designed to use standard small-block Chevy valvetrain components and headers, they’re designed specifically for 400-c.i.d. and larger engines.

Since these heads have the ability to produce more than 600 naturally aspirated horsepower when matched with the proper components, they’re the perfect combination to the World Products small-block 350 engine block that we’re putting together. The internals of the engine consist of a Lunati billet crank and connecting rods, and CP Pistons. We can’t wait to use the Fast fuel system, but before we get there, we need to knock out and prepare the heads.

Remember to go online and vote for your favorite lowrider engine at Once there, you can register to win this engine. Look out for the next installment where we take on the bottom end of this World Products small-block and make it as “bulletproof” as possible. We’ll show you how the rotating assembly will go on, but for now see how we play head games with the competition.