There’s so much to absorb when building a performance engine. For that reason alone, you should do some research before building a stock engine and investing unnecessary money. You want to perform an upgrade that will give your engine a real bump in performance.

One of the most overlooked engine upgrades is to the oil pump system. The oil pump is the “heart” of the engine as it pumps the fluid that keeps your block’s components lubed and the engine from blowing up. Upgrading your oil pump to one that flows more fluid will help give your engine block a longer life.

Another upgrade to be considered is to the oil pan. The correct oil pan will keep your engine lubed. They’re designed with sections that keep the oil from splashing all over and letting the pick-up on the oil pump run dry. This concept was used on 4x4s that do rock climbing, and for race strip cars that do wheelies from the torque that their engines produce. Does that sound familiar, gas hoppers?

Now follow along as Ace Machine of Riverside, California, walks us through the engine build of this 350, while focusing on the oil cooling system of the engine.