You always hear us talking about the basics and the stance of a car and how it is so important. When lowering a vehicle it will enhance the factory body-lines making your car look more extreme. When most of us get a car wheels and a lowering combo is the first thing that we like to do. This combination will get you into the lowriding scene quickly with out taking you to the cleaners. As most of us are dealing with budgeting our build ups we looked at how to look cool with out going broke. We also want our cars to handle better so upgrading our arms will help modernize the suspension.

In this month suspension tech we visited Global West of Southern California. Global West has been around for years and where the first to develop the tubular arms for the second generation Impalas. In this months exclusive web article they show us how to install arms on a first Gen Impala. Now follow along as they install this suspension making this classic Impala handle like a modern vehicle.

1. This Global West Arm set up was ready to install.

2. These tubular arms are going to give your ride modern control and handling.

3. The old stamped factory suspension from this Impala was removed.

4. For safety you should always use a proper jack stand.

5. The Global West front suspension kit was ready to be installed.

6. With all of the stock suspension off we started installing the upper A-arms.

7. With these Global West tubular arms you will need to bolt on the arms using the factory mounts from the stock a-frames.

8. Since the car had the brakes done to it already all we needed to do was bolt on the spindles to the newer tubular arms.

9. To allow the car to handle better a set of lowering coils where added to the car.

10. Since the car receive lowering coils the suspension came back together and was held in place with the help of a floor jack.

11. The tie rod arms that connect to the spindle where bolted on.

12. To make sure that nothing came loose we added our cotter pins.

13. The new shocks that we installed allowed the car to run smoothly.

14. One more upgrade included these tie rod centers that help keep a tighter alignment on the suspension.

15. Everything was checked and all that was left to do was put on our wheels and tires.