In this month’s exclusive Tech story for the Web, we stopped off at G&J Aircraft and Competition who helped supply us with all of the stainless fittings, tubing and custom steel braided hoses needed for our project Hell Dorado Brake Lines. This shop has been around for years and has been a secret from the Inland Empire as they carry a wide variety of automotive accessories that include NOS, Odyssey Batteries, Borgeson steering components, ARP fasteners and that’s just to name a few. They can also make custom rubber lines for your Air Conditioning unit, or for example even hoses that are converted to include standard fittings instead of metric when it comes to modernizing your 605 gear Box or modern brake calipers on an Impala classic.
After talking with Cliff and Zach over at G&J, they knew exactly what we needed to get this beast to stop as they sent us back out with all that we would need to start on our project. Just remember when doing applied custom tubing work, you will need to go back and forth a few times to get the right material, but with the knowledge that comes from the G&J crew they will help you cut down on trips. So let’s check out the custom brake lines that were made with the help of G&J.

1. G&J will be all you need for your custom lines.

2. The G&J crew is always ready to help out.

3. This was all that we needed to get the brake lines done on the project Hell Dorado.

4. Since we had the chassis off the body it was a lot easier to drill into the frame allowing us to mount certain components onto the chassis.

5. We tapped the frame so we could add and remove any of the components if they ever needed to be serviced.

6. This proportioning valve was bolted onto the frame. When bending and installing the lines like this, it makes it easier once the frame is back on the body.

7. Once the proportioning valve is bolted on you will be able get to your first measurements.

8. With the frame off the car and no engine in the way these lines where easy to be made.

9. G&J’s specialty is brake lines and as you can see they have most ends that you might need for your car. They also offer the flex lines in different colors.

10. The front line was ready to receive the custom hoses for the front calipers.

11. These copper bushings keep the banjo hose from leaking.

12. Remember when giving measurements not to go too big as the brake lines can get caught and cut causing brake failure.

13. With the front lines handled ,we moved over to the rear end that also needed to be plumbed.

14. Once the line was cut to size it was flared in a 45 degree for the AN fittings to seal right.

15. We didn’t want to strip the nuts so we used a pipe wrench to tighten down the fittings.

16. Last for us to do was the measurement for the 36 inch flex hose that will be needed for the rear end.

17. The driver side brake line was the shortest and easiest of the lines to do.

18. By doing thee lines in stainless we know that they will be able to handle the elements that get thrown its way.

19. The lines were hooked up and ready to help stop this Hell Dorado.