In this month’s web exclusive, we decided to show you the best way to add a tilt chromed steering column to your classic. Aside from modernizing the car and adding comfort, this addition also dresses up the interior of the car by giving it some extra luxury and style as well. Today, there are several steering columns out on the market, but we opted to use one of the staple figures in our industry − ididit. Who did it? “I did it.” That was the answer that Ken Callison constantly told people whenever he would set up a booth, and the name stuck from there. From its inception in a humble two car garage, the company has now grown into a full blown company with almost 40 employees.

These made-in-the-USA columns are easy to work with and will only take you a couple of hours to install. For this special Tech Feature, we decided to install a keyed ididit column into our ‘70 Caprice and as you will whitness, these columns can be added with ease as they dont take that much time to install from start to finish. Now follow along, as we take on the task of installing this steering column, leaving us saying “ididit” once we finished up with the install.

1. We were ready to install the chrome ididit column.

2. With all of the work we added to the car, this stock straight column and steering wheel has become well just old, and was ready for an upgrade.

3. The rag joint needed to be loosened to allow the old column to be removed.

4. Two bolts hold the steering column in place and they needed to be loosened and removed when it was time to remove the column.

5. As soon as the mounting bolts came loose, the turn signal wiring harness was unhooked.

6. The straight column needed to be removed so we could begin the swap out.

7. You can see how this new column will improve a whole new look. You will need to remove the mounting bracket from the factory column.

8. The mounting bracket went on to the column and will lock in the steering column.

9. The new ididit column comes retrofitted and was ready to be put back in place.

10. The spline on the column was connected to the Borgeson rag joint.

11. The column was bolted back onto the stock locations and was held in place because of the bracket that was installed earlier.

12. The steering wheel adapter was lined up to make sure that the steering wheel bolted up straight.

13. With the column locked in place, we installed the CFR steering wheel adapter.

14. The wheels pointing straight allowed us to center the steering wheel.

15. The horn ring was installed finishing up the install. With the new ididit column, you will be able to get in and out while looking stylish as the chrome finish will give your car a custom look but the new function of the column will give you the reliability and feel of a new car.