This month, we visited Go-Ez Customs of Anaheim, CA, where they were working on a hydraulic install for a 1968 Cadillac. Why a ’68 Cadillac? Well, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and show you guys some of the other cars that make great Lowriders, besides a ’63 or ’64 Impala. These cars have great bodylines and are still available at very good prices.

Go-Ez Customs has been around for years and has produced some of the cleanest setups in Orange County. Go-Ez’s shop manager, Art Gomez, is no stranger to suspension work, as the shop’s roots are in hydraulics. Art’s knowledge and expertise in suspension doesn’t stop with hydraulics, as Art and his partner, Dave, have taken the airbag industry to a new level, as they are not scared to tackle some of the craziest projects.

Whatever your preference in suspension, Go-Ez has something for you. Today, the car they are working on was in the process of receiving fresh new Kinetic batteries and Go-Ez hydraulic pumps. Now follow along, as the Go-Ez crew installs a clean, custom set up in an American classic.