This month we’ve got the perfect tech on deck for those of you who are on a budget, or are simply just tired of hearing the squeaking of your coil over set up. Trust us; the fix-it solution in this month’s tech is so easy that even the most novice of hydraulic builders should be able to handle it.<strong>1.</strong> First on our agenda was to go to our local Target store and purchase this $15 Poly fiber cutting board.

If you have ever owned a car with a coil over set up, you already know what we mean about the headache of squeaky cylinders. The only solution that was previously known to quiet the coil over was very ineffective for the long term; you had to physically climb under the car and grease up the cylinder, as well as the wall of the floorboards. Unfortunately, this solution only lasted for so long, as the grease would be rubbed off after only a few miles of driving. Thankfully, today’s hydraulics technology has evolved tenfold from those days, as there is now a bonafide answer for this problem.

We stopped over at Go-EZ Customs of Anaheim, CA, where we talked to Art and Dave about this scenario, and they laughed as they have dealt with it many times in the past. Their solution for this quandary was to take some poly fiber and attach it to the cylinder and the coil over cup. They assured us that this idea was relatively simple, and is something that can be done in a few hours. Finally, you’ll never have to climb under the car to grease it again. You’ll also never again run the risk of over-cutting the floorboards to prevent the cylinder from rubbing on the wall of the sheet metal.<strong>2.</strong> There are a few things for this tech that you will need, including these two hole saws. The bigger diameter is a 4-inch, and the center is 1 3/4 the size of the hydraulic cylinder.

The first piece of business on this tech solution was to go to a local convenience store and purchase a cutting board. As for the rest of the steps, follow along as the guys at GO-EZ Customs quiet the car by adding a poly fiber gasket to the coil over..