ArrayWhen people get tired of their vehicle, they usually tackle a project that will not cost much, but will still change up or enhance the look of the already existing car. If you have a hydraulics setup and it’s working, all you can really do is improve it. This was the case for a 1966 Impala that was going to be worked on at Hoppo’s Hydraulics of Ontario, CA. The car already had a few things added to it in the past by its previous owner, in fact, the car had fresh new batteries and armatures, however the rest of the equipment needed to be re-worked and upgraded. The owner decided to drop off his Impala so that Hoppo’s could re-do the trunk compartment and add the one-of-a-kind Hoppo’s touch to the Impala to give a rejuvenated custom flavor to the car.

ArrayHoppo’s Hydraulics has been around for years and has produced some of the Inland Empire’s finest setups. Hoppo’s is run by Art “Hoppo’s” Tuason, who is no stranger to suspension work, as the shop’s roots are in hydraulics. Hoppo’s knowledge and expertise in suspension does not stop with hydraulics, as he’s taken the airbag industry to a new level, being the first person to plumb hardlines in an air suspension. No matter your preference in suspension, Hoppo’s definitely has something for you.

ArrayNow follow along as Hoppo’s Hydraulics gives this car’s trunk a whole new look, while keeping the cost down by using some of the existing parts.