Don’t Stress OutThe evolution of hydraulics has progressed over the years and so has the technology in strengthening the automotive frame and suspension. From trial and error people have learned that reinforcing a car’s chassis would help relieve some of the pressure created by the hydraulic pumps and cylinder pressures. Some of the problems were created by abuse, like the crossmember collapsing from hopping, or frames cracking because the stock frame couldn’t handle the weight of the batteries and the complete car pivoting from one area to another. These are just a few examples of problems that hydraulics can cause when they are demonstrated with massive force that becomes abusive to the undercarriage of today’s lowriders.

We stopped at Red’s Hydraulics in Lynwood, California, where they were wrapping up an early Impala X-frame and were beginning to start construction on an H-frame type. Even though the frames were slightly different, the stress points are the same as the ones on most cars that have a frame under them. We took advantage of the situation and thought we should show you some pointers that the suspension experts at Red’s pointed out for all of us. Don’t stress out on your frame, wrapping it will relieve your chassis.

Follow along as the boys at Red’s show us how they reinforced the stress points on vehicle frames that are powered by hydraulics.