Install-Y Ask Why?The suspension on first generation Chevy Impalas was ahead of its time. In fact, one of the biggest changes for Chevrolet during this golden era was the new frame design on all ’58 models. The new X-frame lasted through 1964. This new technology gave the cars a better ride, and it’s still in evidence today, as Chevy still uses the same basic design on the rear suspension of vehicles such as the 2wd Suburban.

The only downside to the X-frame was that it was designed as a fixed suspension, so when we add hydraulics and make the suspension adjustable, the entire design needs to be rethought. After years of experimenting and experience, Red’s Hydraulics of Lynwood, California, has redesigned the rear suspension by adding a sturdy Y-bone that’s thicker than the stock flat-stamped pieces. The Y-bone is also stronger as it’s constructed of a tubular material and outfitted with urethane bushings.

We caught up with Luis, the owner of a black ’64 Impala, and he told us that he would never add hydraulics to an early Impala without adding a Y-bone. He mentioned that the car didn’t “dog walk,” as they remove the panhard bar that used to shift the rearend to one side when the suspension is moved all of the way up or down. This is just one of the benefits from bolting in a Red’s Y-bone kit. Now follow along as Red’s Hydraulics makes and installs a Y-bone in under two hours from start to finish.