In the land of hydraulic pumps, dumps and wrapped frames, the divide between show and performance rides is an ever-widening valley. What we’re hoping to do here at LRM is to lessen the divide and fill in the gap. We’re starting at the rear of the car, specifically at the trailing arms, because this is what you see when you’re riding high in the streets or at the show.

In all honesty, this area should not be left undone. We believe that reinforced arms that are lacking in looks show that the welder either didn’t know how to clean up the look or just didn’t want to take the time. For those who don’t know how, we’re going to show you. If you don’t want to spend the time, all we can say is that it took professional Leon Montoya no more than a few hours to take these arms from stock to polished.

Now if a few hours is too long for you to have a ride that’s street worthy and show ready, we’re afraid that the state of lowriding has hit an alarming low. Lowriders who pride themselves on their cars should care about the details and the complete look of their vehicle, even if it was built for hopping. It goes unsaid that a hopper will not be as clean as a show car, but, come on, it’s inexcusable not to spend the extra time to do it right.

Once again, we have returned to Homies Hydraulics to get the formula for clean arms and Leon was more than eager to help out. For those of you who haven’t had the privilege of visiting Homies Hydraulics, let us say that Anthony has recruited some of the best workers in the business to help get your ride off to a fresh start. A stellar example of Anthony’s quest for excellence was calling in Leon, a certified welder seven-times over and more than willing to take lowriding to the next level.