The time is here for our annual performance guide, which we hope will help you pick the right accessories for your engine. With money not being as available as it was in the past, builders have improvised and adapted to using different engine accessories, rather than going over the top with chrome. This year the look has evolved into the “murdered out” or blacked-out look, which focuses more on matte finish than shine. This finish can still give you the detail you asked for without wiping out your savings in chrome and paint.

The engine compartments are still getting all of the essentials in today’s builds as detail is still the name of the game; however, builders are going for more of a stock look with heavy accents. Reliability is key too, so we’re seeing an influx of modern engines being dropped into classic machines, as they are becoming more obtainable and who doesn’t want fuel injection and reliability from their classic car?

With that said, aftermarket manufacturers have also seen the importance of the LS family of engines and have been working around the clock to bring the consumer all the needs that come with these engines. Everything from motor mounts to oil pans, intakes, bolt kits, and serpentine systems are being incorporated into these engines, so manufacturers are scrambling to cover these needs. Thanks to these innovations, style can be achieved without sacrificing performance. Other tricks being preformed to engines include valve train upgrades that feature rolling lifters, and cam and rockers setups that push these engines to the extreme.

For those of you that have already invested so much into your small block and can’t just switch out your engine, manufacturers like MSD have stepped up to the plate and developed fuel injection for the carbureted market that is ready to convert classic small block set ups into fuel injected engines. This is a happy medium that will allow your car to run more efficiently without having to swap out the complete engine.

From the proper Lucas lube to the latest engine accessories available for your classic, this guide will be sure to touch upon every subject under your hood. Picking the right combination of accessories can really dress up your engine compartment, but should also provide bolt-on power and give your car a little extra go for your money. So if you want to look good under the hood or just want to go fast with a few bolt-on performance products, this guide should help you out.

1. Edelbrock’s new Black Performer Series Carburetors.These new carburetors have a black powdercoated body and gold iridited linkage and hardware. The durable powdercoat gives these carburetors a protective finish that will keep them looking great for years to come. Enthusiasts can match their carburetor with Edelbrock’s black powdercoated intake manifolds, water pumps, and accessories to get a true custom look.To learn more about Edlebrock or to find a dealer near you, visit us online at

2. The new EZ-EFI Kits allow anyone to easily run a GM LS Gen III/IV engine and transmission outside of its original vehicle and factory controller. The Fast kits are the perfect “no headache” and “no expert required” complete solution for transplanting late-model engines into customs, street rods, muscle cars or other projects. Everything is covered, from fuel to spark and from engine through electronic transmission. The optional package stages allow you to select the right level of kit based on your individual needs. The kits are available in four different options: Engine Kits; Engine Kits with Ez-Tcutm Transmission Controller; Engine & Manifold Kits; and Engine & Manifold Kits with EZ-TCUTM Transmission Controller. The Engine Kit combines the revolutionary self-tuning Ez-Efi with the bolt-on Ximtm coil-on plug ignition to give LS applications the easiest, self-tuning electronic fuel injection system available. To learn more about this product and other Fast products log onto

3. Stromberg Carburetor has launched the first of a new range of ready-to-fit, solid fuel line kits for the ever-popular Genuine Stromberg 97 carburetor. Designed and manufactured exclusively by Stromberg Carburetor, the TwoStep range combines clean, simple looks with leak-free construction and simple installation. The CNC-bent 1/4inch 304 stainless steel lines provide more than enough fuel flow, even on the 3×2 manifolds. The Ford Nut compression fittings retain a traditional look and feel. And the unique stainless tee-pieces (shaped to match Stromberg linkage parts) benefit from leak-free ‘invisible’ furnace brazed joints. If you would like to learn more about this and other Stromberg Carburetors log onto

4. OTB Gear in Walnut, California, introduces the perfect compliment to their other high quality engine dress up items, 16 lb. and 7 lb. radiator caps. Designed to compliment OTB Gear’s air cleaners and coolant overflow bottle, they are constructed of A-356 aircraft grade aluminum and finished to a show quality shine. Their “Aero” and “Fin” radiator caps can easily be assembled to align with any finned accessory already on your engine, giving them all that unified look. Their “Sprocket” design radiator cap also comes as a 3-3/8 inch diameter gas cap. Team these up with OTB Gear’s overflow tank, and you’ll be stylin’ and smilin’. For more information and ordering, contact OTB Gear via web at

5. The ‘59-64 X-Frame Chevrolets have always been popular as cruisers and customer requests for an Impala-specific exhaust system have not gone unheard. Designed to offer a full range of options for Impala, Biscayne or Bel Air, Flowmaster’s all-409S stainless steel Header-back system features 2.5-inch mandrel bent tubing and can be used with any of Flowmaster’s offset/offset muffler choices, including the popular HP-2 and Delta 50 Series. The Dual Outlet X-Frame Header-Back system was engineered in the Flowmaster Exhaust R&D facility using SuperFlow engine dynamometers complete with E.C.A. (engine cycle analysis) equipment and chassis dynos. The bolt-on exhaust comes with all necessary installation hardware, and can be installed as a side exit or with the optional tailpipe kit, which extends the 2.5” mandrel bent tubing to the rear of the vehicle. The system provides a substantial performance gain, and with the detailed instructions, is easily installed at home, or by a professional and with a Limited Lifetime Warranty means you’ll never need to buy another exhaust for your full-size Chevy.

6. Holley’s GM LS Retrofit Engine Oil Pan lets you install an LS engine in a variety of GM muscle car and truck chassis. It’s the only LS retrofit oil pan with OEM fitment, oil filter mounting, oil cooler port provision, NVH suppression, flange gasket and sealing, and bellhousing attachments. The pans are manufactured from high-quality cast aluminum and include a sump baffle, oil pump pickup tube, sump plug, oil filter stud, and oil passage cover. This pan fits all 4.8L-6.0L GM LS-series engines in 1955-87 GM cars and trucks. To learn more about this and other Holley products visit them on line at

7. MSD’s Atomic EFI has been designed by Msd to replace outdated carburetors and to eliminate the hassle and frustration of tuning, gunked up bowls and jets, and rough running engines. Thanks to the great technology in the Atomic, you will never again need to worry about any of these. Instead, start the engine and go for an afternoon cruise like you wanted to. Unlike other Efi options, the Atomic makes installation easy enough that you can do it in your own garage. The Atomic is designed so that installation will take less than a weekend. The unit needs only two external sensors so there is barely any wiring required. The self-learning system adjusts the tune automatically to make the most of your engine. Take off your carb, put on the Atomic, enjoy your ride. Best of all, the Atomic walks a fine line in automotive beauty between modern technology and classic design so that it is sure to look great under your hood! To learn more about this system log onto

8. Trick Flow Specialties have developed a carbureted intake manifold for the small block Chevy. The Trick Flow StreetBurner Carbureted Intake Manifold for 1955-86 Chevy 265-400 Small Block. The precision Cnc-machined manifold is crafted from A319 aluminum and has integral bosses for nitrous nozzles and extra material for custom port work. The dual plane design has high-flow individual runners for increased torque, while the air space below the plenum works to keep the air/fuel mixture cooler for additional power. Perfect for all 4150-style carburetors.

9. Summit Starters. Need a starter for a 1969 Chevelle? How about one for a 1977 Wagoneer, a ’65 Studebaker Daytona, or mom’s late model minivan? Summit Racing has an affordable New Tech replacement starter that will fit your car so you’ll have more money for the fun parts. These new Tech Replacement Starters have cranking power for mild street performance and off-road engines. New Tech replacement starters are designed to fit in the factory location and install easily without any modifications. The starters are manufactured in the USA from high-quality materials that meet or exceed factory specifications. You Order online at or call Summit Racing at 1-800-230-3030

10. Summit Racing Heads. Think you have to score the local boneyards to find a decent set of old-school double hump or fulie cylinder heads? Nonsense! Summit Racing has brought back classic Chevy performance with these ready-to-run heads cast iron for small block Chevy. They’re Cool as they are Retro style, modern performance. Summit Racing’s version of the popular Gm cylinder heads offers great performance for less than the cost to rebuild a set of double-hump castings. The heads have a 165cc intake/105cc exhaust runners, 72cc combustion chambers, 2.02”/1.60” valves and ductile iron exhaust seats to handle unleaded gas. They come fully assembled with valves, 1.250” valve springs, seals, locks, and retainers. Paint ‘em Chevy orange and tell everyone you’ve had them since 1965. You Order online at or call Summit Racing at 1-800-230-3030

11. Sanderson Headers dramatically improve exhaust flow and performance. Over 160 header designs are available for street rods, and ‘50‘s, ‘60‘s & 70‘s cars and trucks. These compact block huggers for Chevy LS engines are just one example. They fit tight to the block and have great clearance for starter, steering and spark plugs. Sanderson’s LS158’s are made with heavy duty 16 gauge 1-5/8” tubes and 2-1/2” collectors with swivel rings to ease installation. They come complete with bolts and a weld-on flange for under chassis exhaust system hookup. Sanderson’s patented leak proof flange design eliminates gaskets – just a bead of Permatex Ultra Black on the mating surfaces provides a perfect seal! LS158’s are available in plain steel for or with Sanderson’s polished hitemp ceramic coated finish. For more information contact Sanderson Headers at(800) 669-2430, or

12. MJB Engineering manufactures custom high flow billet aluminum oval air cleaners. They feature lifetime K&N filters and all stainless steel hardware. Will fit from one to eight carbs or stacks depending on size allotment. Air cleaners are constructed from 6061T6 aluminum plate. The SL series is for Holley double pumpers with one half inch dropped bottom to fit Cobras, Vettes and Mustangs. LB series is for Holley Dominators or with vacuum secondary’s and RB series for Holleys, Edelbrock (Carters) and Rochesters. Custom series designed for multiple carbs, Webers, Hilborns or many other possibilities! LZ series will fit Datsun 240/280Z. Air cleaners are available in two sizes: 9.25” wide by 17.25” long or 10” wide by 21” long both in five different heights. These are very eye catching with your choice of polished or un-polished finishes. They also offer custom fabrication and welding services to contact them directly pick up the phone and MJB Engineering at (562) 696-3468 or on the web at:

13. Tuff Stuff Chrome Plated Standard Water Pumps available for several applications. These water pumps move plenty of coolant and look good doing it. These new and not remanufactured pumps are available for several four and six cylinder engines, as well as many popular V8s—including the legendary Flathead Ford but the lowriders favor the small block 350. To learn about what applications are available log onto

14. A Summit Racing Pro Pack has everything you need to change out an early Small Block Ford 260, 289, 302 and 351W engine’s induction system for increased horsepower and torque for better performance, all in one big box. The Summit Racing Intake Manifold, Carburetor, and Air Cleaner Pro Packs. It’s everything needed to let a classic Lincoln breath and run better. The kit includes a Summit Racing Street & Strip Stage 1 or Stage 2 intake manifold, a 600 or 750 Cfm Summit Racing Street & Strip carburetor, a Summit Racing air cleaner, carburetor studs, and gaskets. Order online at or call Summit Racing at 1-800-230-3030

15. CFR Performance is offering a complete chrome engine accessory kit for Chevy. This kit includes a high volume aluminum short water pump, a remanufactured chrome plated Saginaw style Type II power steering pump, a chrome-plated Gm style 120 amp 1-wire alternator with internal regulator and a chrome Sanden type air compressor pump. This kit features CFR Performance’s billet style aluminum alternator, power steering and A/C brackets. Also included are the billet pulleys (1- two groove crank pulley, 1- two groove water pump pulley with nose, 1- single-groove press fit style power steering pump pulley, and 1- single-groove alternator pulley set also including billet style aluminum fan). This kit includes all necessary bolts and hardware needed for installation. Available in the following finishes: Machined, Polished and Chrome. To learn more about this big block kit log onto

16. CFR Performance Chevy Impala Radiator. The CFR Performance direct fit radiator is an exact replacement for 1959-72 Chevy Impala radiators and features an all-aluminum construction with a cross-flow cooling design. Features included are mounting brackets that position it in the stock location for convenient installation, as well as a machined billet filler water neck with overflow fitting. The radiator is constructed with an aluminum 2-row furnace brazed core with 1-inch tubes; comparable to a four-core radiator. The Impala direct fit radiator is also available in a polished finish or with built-in automatic transmission cooling lines. To learn more about this and other CFR radiators log visit them at

17. Deeds Engineering billet exhaust hangers for your exhaust system. These hangers have been used on some of the world’s most high quality custom vehicles including lowrider of the year “El Rey”. These hangers are made of 6061 billet aluminum, easy exhaust removal, sleek, modern appearance, high temp bushing that will hold up to (500 Deg. F) and stainless hardware. To learn more about these custom exhaust hangers visit them at

18. Chevrolet small-block carbon style engine dress up kit. The high-tech carbon fiber look is what’s happening on today’s hot Chevrolet street machines and hot rods. Proform Parts has just released this very cool kit for Chevy small-block engines which includes everything you need for a stylish upgrade. These parts are stamped steel with a smooth carbon fiber appearing film adhered to the surface, combining the strength of steel with the great look of carbon fiber. This popular kit is an aggressive looking and very affordable alternative to extremely expensive carbon fiber parts of undetermined quality and durability. The complete kit includes a pair of tall valve covers with rubber grommets and baffles installed, a 14-inch classic style air cleaner kit with black Bowtie center nut, and a 3-inch air breather cap. All these cool parts are available separately. Proform has a complete selection of Chevy small and big-block internal and external parts and quality engine building tools which you can preview at

19. LS Starters from Proform. Lose some weight and gain 40-50% more crankin g power with this high-torque Ls starter from Proform Parts. Designed to fit the Ls1, Ls2, Ls6 and Ls7 engines, this 100% new starter is approved by all leading sanctioning organizations for competition. It helps solve those high compression, hot start problems common during most street or racing conditions. The offset design results in more clearance between the oil pan and the starter, and the unit can be rotated for even more chassis clearance. The high-output 12V, 1.4 KW motor spins over faster than stock starters, providing the dependability you need. The starter features 3.75:1 sealed gear-reduction drive and full ball bearing construction. Shims to set the pinion gear engagement (when necessary) are included. Proform Parts has a comprehensive line of internal and external engine parts, dress up kits, engine building tools and more! Preview all their inexpensive products at

20. Chevrolet Performance 350/290 Hp Crate Engine Don’t bother rebuilding. Chevrolet Performance’ 350/290 Hp crate engine – part number 19244450 – starts with a brand-new block and all-new parts. It’s a strong block, too, with four-bolt mains (most used cores have two-bolt mains). It also includes a smooth hydraulic camshaft and durable aluminum pistons. Finish it off with your chrome accessories and you’ll have great power and style for probably less than the cost of a rebuild. Go to

21. Chevrolet Performance Ls3 Connect & Cruise Powertrain Systems Crate idea! The convenience of a crate engine, the assurance of factory-validated performance and the value of an inclusive package is what Chevrolet Performance offers with their new Connect & Cruise Powertrain Systems. They’re available in an Ls3/4L70-E combination or the supercharged Lsa/4L85-E system.

Each kit delivers a fully assembled crate engine, brand-new transmission, electronic control modules for both and the engine control hardware to get it all running in your project vehicle. Go to