This month in Lowrider Deluxe, we look at a variety of accessories dating from as far back as the 1930’s, all the way up to the late ’70’s. These accessories are as different as the time periods they come from, like the old visors from the Bomb era to classic steering wheels that were discarded in favor of those 1970s chain steering wheels. These accessories are becoming increasingly harder to come by, as time has left these antique items by the way side. Luckily, a few us live in the past and still have some of these parts in our garages or in our parents’ house. basements, attics, or in the rafters of old wooden garages!

The saying “one man’s trash becomes another man’s treasure” couldn’t be more true than in the world of automobile restoration. If you have some vintage accessories and artifacts that you want to share with the public drop us an email at:

Classic Fans
Steering Wheel Fans/ These battery operated fans were designed to help keep the driver cooled down while driving. There were a few manufacturers that offered them, including the Wizard Deluxe fan that we are featuring today. Manufacturers like GM also made a highly sought after model.

Steering Wheel Heaven
Ever wonder what happened to all of those old steering wheels that people pulled off in the ’70s? Here is a classic example of a collection of steering wheels that someone collected over the years. It looks like they just kept them out of the way by hanging them as decor on their garage rafters.

Old School Visor
Fulton Visors’ slogan was ‘Driving without a Fulton visor is like wearing a hat without a brim.’ The visors were made for several years and became the top choice of consumers. In order to make them work, you had to drill holes in the inner drip rails to attach them to your vehicle. There are reproductions available that are made from metal, include mounting hardware, adjustable side brackets and cost about $426.00, but nothing beats a NOS one like the one that we are featuring today on this original display rack.

Cool Shades
Vehicle shades were designed to protect the vehicle from sun and light damage when parked. They where also helpful in the fact that they prevented the inside of the car or truck from getting too hot by blocking the direct rays of the sun. Most of these shades disappeared after the window tint boom came into play, making these window shades a highly sought after item.

We’ve talked about the Banjo Steering Wheels and how they are worth big money. Rumor has it that if you can find something close to these, you’ll be paying up to $5000 for one minus the box. Now that you know what they are worth, you can fully appreciate seeing so many of these at one time.

Dagger Shift
Dagger shifters were popular and very common in the ’70’s. Forty years later, you can occasionally find them at automotive swap meets. They can start off at $1 and cost as much as $25, depending on the quality of the piece.