What makes Miami so sexy?
Miami is sexy because of all the sexy women [smiling], and of course the beautiful beaches and nice weather.

In Miami you see a little bit of everything. Which coast do you think has the hottest girls, the East or West?
Being from the East Coast I’ve seen more girls here, so it’s fair to say since I haven’t spent much time on the West I would say East … I mean I have to represent!

What type of men do you like and which type do you attract?
I like men who are in shape and muscular, usually dark hair, dark skin, smart, honest, shy, respectful, and sweet. On the other hand, I attract every type of guy from the oddest to the hottest.

Do you enjoy sports? If so, which team is your favorite?
Well, I like going to all sporting events, but I don’t really watch them on TV too often. The Red Sox are my fav–being from Boston.

If you were granted three wishes, what would your first wish be?
I would wish that everyone I love and care about would be truly happy and fortunate.

Do you consider yourself to be low key or a party girl?
I used to be a party girl but for the past few years I’ve been very low key, but when I do go out I like to have lots of fun of course.

What makes you sexy?
I’m honest and loyal and love to laugh and have a good time, to me that’s sexy.