LRM: So how does it feel to be on the cover of LRM? AnyLowrider Magazine models you looked up to?

“It’s the bomb ’cause it’s everywhere! When I go to the airport I alwayssee it and even my friends all the way in New York saw it also! Lowrider does it BIG! But I used to look at Dazza’s pictures inthe magazine back then and wish I could look as pretty as her and I even posed like her for this cover! But really, I’m not a model… I’m really into lowriders, and I even own my own lowrider car which my homie Dustin Pedder at Lowrider was cool enough to do a story with me and my girls cruising, doing a graffiti piece, then to my CD release party (in the December 2004 issue). I was tight hittin’ switches with like five girls in the car! They almost flew out!”

LRM: Describe yourself and what it is you do…

“I am Hip-Hop, ambitious, fun, spontaneous, energetic, tomboy, artistic, focused, and loyal. I’m a Hip-Hop DJ and I’m touring all over the country withHot Import Nights and guest DJing with DUB Magazine and Tom Likis’ “Boy Night Out”. I’m a graffiti artist known as “TRIBE” from TKO, MSK and OTR Mobb.

One day I got busted by the law and now I only do legal walls and canvases and of course I focus on my skills on the turntables, making mix-tapes and working on my albums. I really want to get into movies and do acting roles that I’m familiar with or can relate to like in movies like Friday and The Fast and the Furious, you know what I mean?”

LRM: Tell us what you drive… any lowriders?

I love dippin’ in low-lows and cruisin’ with my friends! I have a baby blue and white ragtop ’72 Impala with silver flake and a tight airbrushed mural by “Tazrock”. The mural is of myself as a angel DJing on my turntables and my name spelled out below. My ride has 2 hydraulic pumps, 8 batteries and 6 switches. I also have 13-inch chrome wire wheels on white walls. My drop-top was seen in Lowrider Magazine twice.

I also have a pearl pink ’02 Escalade with 27-inch Lexani alligator rims, Lamborghini doors, Lexani bodykit, and pink Fendi interior. My sound system isby Audiobahn and I have 5 TVs, and four 15-inch subwoofers (so it bumps like crazy and you’ll know when I’m comin’ a mile away)!

My third car is an ’02 white Mercedes Benz CLK 430 convertible with a blue top. The sounds were provided by Deisal Audio, and features 6 TVs, two 12-inch speakers andZenneti rims. This is my low-pro car when I need to get somewhere fast!

LRM: Any other info you’d like to mention?

Check out my website to find out where I’ll be DJjing next on tour and to buy merchandise or to book me! If u got a cell phone, you can text 76278 and message djladytribe to go to my store! Look out for my duet album with Knowalazarus “How The Quest was One”! And you gotta put up my 2006 calendar, sponsored by “Seven” of It comes with a free CD included, too. It’s exclusively sold on my website at! Slip on my very own DJ slip mat by “Sickmats” find it at your local record store! Download my wallpaper for your cell phone! Look out for thebaddest DVD ever featuring my life with hot girls, bad cars, graffiti, DJing and coverage of the wildest parties! That’s coming soon!!

LRM: Shout outs?

To God for blessing me! My crews, my family, to the Lowrider Mag family (Ralph Fuentes, Rudy Rivas, and Dustin Pedder),Mike Munar (of HIN), my bro Toomer (TKO), Klevah, Maggie, Hael, Jel, David and Jr. (, Rolo World, Joe Intunes, La Onda Tv, Murda Mamis ( LazyK, El Brandi, Garcia, Nina Chantelle, DUB Family, Q-York, Seven, Diamonique, Cesar (of OYE), Melo, Tiffany J (Family Tree), One World Ent., Javier Lugo, Louis Romo, Ben Higa, Mytchel Mora, Pam Rodriguez, all my homegirls and all my model friends, Benchwarmer, Luis (my web guy),WestCoast Record Pull,, Estevan, Mr.Cartoon, Ricky (CEG), Suspect Ent., My Babydoll (you know who u are), TeamAutoConcept, Ken, Sheryl, Interscope Records, Power106 FM, Buchwald, my sponsors, Polanti Watches, Deisal Audio, Audiobahn, Odyssey, Zenneti,Lexani, Unleashed Motorsports, RB Tech, ShautoWorks, JT Auto, MTX, Shaka, Joker, Tribal, Vandalsink, and whoever else I forgot!

Take a closer look at our multi-talented November cover model. She deejays, models, and does graffiti art! We sit down with Tribe as she tells us about her longtime dream being fulfilled and she shares with us some of her hottest personal photos! Read on for the interview…

Name: “DJ Lady Tribe” a.k.a. “La Loka”
City/State: City of Lost Angels
Ethnicity: Japanese, Mexican, Indian