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Age: 22
Height: 5’2”
Measurements: 34C-26-38
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Ethnicity: Cuban
Occupation: Medical Assistant/Model

LRG: Tell us a little bit about how you got started in the modeling industry?
Karissa: I went to a Playboy casting call in 2007 and didn’t hear back from them. I tried again and attended another casting for them in 2008 and they finally called me back.

LRG: So they finally gave in to your good looks and persistence huh. What did they have in store for you over at the mansion?
Karissa: They actually wanted me for a TV show called Playboys Beach House.

LRG: So are you planning to become Hef’s first Latin girlfriend?
Karissa: (Laughs) No. I am actually in a relationship right now.

LRG: You are, with a guy or girl?
Karissa: A guy. (Laughs) I’m strictly dickly.

LRG: How do you keep that bangin’ bod of yours in tip-top shape?
Karissa: I work out five days a week. But I do cheat sometimes and eat In-N-Out because I love cheeseburgers. I’m such a fat ass!

LRG: Fat, no. Phat ass, YES!
Karissa: LOL

LRG: Where can we find that Phat Ass hanging out at in LA?
Karissa: My Studio, Colony and anywhere in Hollywood that’s poppin’.

LRG: So if a guy wants to hook up with you, what does he have to do?
Karissa: Date me for a while.

LRG: Boring! Let’s just say you’re not in a relationship and a guy has been seeing you for let’s say a good month now, what does he have to do to get you in the sack?
Karissa: He would have to take me out to dinner, head back to his place (not mine) dim the lights, break out with a bottle of Grey Goose, unwind, have him give me a massage, make our way to the bedroom and he can proceed to go downtown and eventually give it to me doggy! Oh god, I really hope my dad doesn’t see this magazine. (Laughs)

LRG: OK, now were talkin’. How many times a day?
Karissa: Twice would be great.

LRG: Turn-ons in the bedroom?
Karissa: I like to get man handled and get my hair pulled on. Uh, I think we need to take some shots for these type questions.

LRG: How many shots does it take to get you revved up and ready to rock?
Karissa: A bottle of Grey Goose does the trick for me.

Lrg: Favorite position?
Karissa: I love my dog, if you know what I mean.

LRG: Ok, lets slow it down now and save something for our readers to check out on our site. What are your dreams and ambitions?
Karissa: To become a playmate and pursue my modeling career as far as it can take me.