Website/Social Sites:,,
Age: 25
Height: 5’4”
Hometown: Huntington Beach, CA.
Ethnicity: Colombian, Peruvian and Italian
Occupation: CEO of and

LRG: How did you start modeling?
Franchesca: I did catalog work when I was younger.

LRG: OK. Now that all the important questions are out of the way that no one will ever read, let’s get down to the James Brown. What is the craziest place you have had sex? And is there a video?
Franchesca: A park during the day. (Starts laughing)

LRG: Was it on a picnic table or anything like that?
Franchesca: I think the park is one of the biggest parks in Orange County so it’s humongous.

LRG: Where you looking around to see if anyone was watching you guys, you know with glasses and a shaved head, or where you just focused on the task at hand?
Franchesca: I think he was more on the lookout than I was. (Laughs)

LRG: Did you have a dress on or were you butt-naked?
Franchesca: In situations like that, you have to come prepared. (Laughs).

LRG: So this was all planned? That’s takes away a bit of the spark out doesn’t it?
Franchesca: It was kind of a last minute thing but it was something that I always fantasized about. It wasn’t like “Let’s go to the park and lets do this. Bring the lube.” (Laughs)

LRG: Is a threesome with another girl one of your fantasies or is that just me adding my own wishful thinking?
Franchesca: I think all girls are bi-curious but I think a threesome with another girl is more of a guy’s fantasy than girls. Girls are more curious about just girl on girl.

LRG: Have you had any threesomes?
Franchesca: Yes. It involved a Playboy Playmate, a friend and myself. (Laughs)

LRG: Male friend or female friend? Why can’t we be friends?
Franchesca: Yes there was a guy in the mix. There has to be some testosterone (Laughs) and it’s got to be with two girls, not two guys. Girls are more sensual and soft, while guys are more cavemen and barbaric.

LRG: Yeah, especially if you end up having some primitive competition like swinging bats, so to speak. Then the whole thing ends up looking like a chicken rotisserie or a wobbly “H”.
Franchesca: What did you say?
LRG: Wait. Was that out loud? Never mind. Let’s get back on track okay and back to the threesome.
Franchesca: I’ve actually had a couple of them, that one was just my first one.

LRG: So you’ve had a few threesomes? What do you call that a ninesome? I think the math is confusing me.
Franchesca: I had moved out on my own and I was single for the first time. I acted a bit wild and got everything out of my system. (Laughs). I figured if I’m going to be a housewife I can look back and say that I’ve been there and done that. (Laughs)

LRG: What was the first move, like kissed you, or what did she start doing?
Franchesca: She got dared to do a striptease for me. I was so nervous. I don’t think that I had ever kissed a girl before that. It was all so new to me but she was so soft. I am very heterosexual. I like a guy, hair, sweat and to throw me around but it’s nice to see the other side of what a guy experiences with a woman. It’s a nice change once in a while. She gave me a striptease and I never looked back from there.

LRG: What’s so great about a Playmate? Did she have like three boobs or something or just turn you on?
Franchesca: Of course she turned me on! She was a gorgeous Playboy Playmate! I felt like I was this little kid and my friend’s mom was taking my virginity. (Laughs).

LRG: Whew. Ok. Let’s move on to some non-sexual talk. What’s your favorite color? What are you hopes and dreams? What do you find sexy? Never mind. Who really cares? (Laughs). I need a cold shower.