Makeup: Liza Macawili
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis
Car: 1963 Impala
Car Owner: Brandon Brusca
Car Club: Lifestyle

Age: 26
Height: 5’2”
Measurements: Atlanta, GA
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Ethnicity: Filipino and Puerto Rican
Occupation: Surviving

LRG: What brought you out from the dirty dirty to the City of Angels??
Dawn: I moved here for my sister Justine. I modeled here before, but I moved back with her.

LRG: Do you two often model together?
Dawn: Yes, I like shooting with her. I also like shooting with another girl because I can feed off her energy but sometimes it’s weird when we model together because we don’t know how to pose. We do more glamour modeling. When we are together, unless it’s a weird photographer; they want us to act sexy and jump around in lingerie, But we’re sisters!

LRG: What do you like to do on weekends?
Dawn: Drink, But now I’m staying home because I’m trying to be good.

LRG: Ding! Ding! Ding! We have ourselves a win-nah! So you are a drinker huh?
Dawn: I didn’t drink as much until I started hanging around Justine. She’s a drinker.

LRG: What’s your poison? How many does it take for the fun to kick in?
Dawn: Mojitos. I’m a lightweight, Like 1½ or 2. When I’m drunk I start dancing. I’ll just start moving and That’s how I know.

LRG: So you’re a cheap date?
Dawn: That’s what they call me! They have to make the Mojitos right and can’t be watered down or anything like that.

LRG: Thank god. Funds are tight at the moment. Are you into dive bars or big clubs?
Dawn: I like both. I like to dress up and be casual.

LRG: So if you grooving to the tunes, like a wounded bird, we should move in for an easy kill?
Dawn: No. You should never take advantage of a drunken girl. (Laughs). You have to get introduced to me. You just can’t be creepy about it, Don’t be too aggressive, but be persistent. There’s a difference between persistent and aggressive. You have to know when “no” is a “no”. But that means if I do like you, you can’t stop. I won’t waste my time with someone that doesn’t like me, You can’t be too conservative. You have to be real casual and nice. If you make me laugh, that’s good too. I like a chase and being chased. I don’t know. Don’t ask me, I confuse myself.

LRG: That’s clear as mud. Can’t we just speed up the process with good ‘ol fashion booze?
Dawn: That happens to everybody, But that’s never happen to me though. (Laughs).

LRG: Is it too soon to bring up marriage or should we do a shot first?
Dawn: No that’s different because I want to get married.

LRG: To me?
Dawn: Yes. You offered me a $40.00 swap meet ring. ‘Girls stay away’. He’s all mine you hear that! (Laughs). And I want to support you too.

LRG: Please be professional and contain yourself (joking). So you are ready to settle down?
Dawn: I want to have kids. I mean I think I want to have kids and be married, but I’m scared to get married too. I don’t want to get a divorce because I came from a family that’s been together forever. I want that, but I know that might not be realistic.

LRG: Besides me of course. (laughing). what the type of guy do you go for?
Dawn: I don’t like metros or effeminate guys. I don’t like guys that take longer to get ready than me… Not cute. I like bad boys, I like tattoos, baldheads and guys that fight. If I see guys fight I instantly like the guy who won. Mmmm! That’s like them saying I can take care of myself You know! I hate it if I have a boyfriend and a guy comes up and hits on me too much and my boyfriend like Walks away or just ignores him. I want my boyfriend to be like “What? Don’t talk to my girlfriend!” Even though at that moment I would hate it, I secretly like it. If not I just look at him like a wuss. I like someone that defends me, Usually that’s an aggressive guy.

LRG: Did I show you the latest piece I’m getting tattooed? Also I’d like to say thanks to my shaved head. I only take ten minutes to get ready and the bathroom is all yours.
Dawn: Well it better since I am the one who’s going to support you. (Laughs).

LRG: What kind of girlfriend are you?
Dawn: I’m really nice. I cook. I don’t clean, because I hate cleaning. I’m loving and I’m affectionate, but I’m crazy. I don’t want my boyfriend to be crazy or jealous but I could. They can go out, but not like me. I want them to have a life, but don’t go out as often as I do. I’m loyal and guys are bad. Very bad. I’m also jealous. I don’t want you to talk to your ex. I probably know too much about her already because I stalked her page. Don’t try and pull anything on me. We probably started out as friends and I’ll be like “Tell me about whom you used to like.” When a girl asks you questions, that’s when guys are really honest because they like you and tell you everything. After that I’ll have all the information I need that i’ll never forget. (Laughs)

LRG: What’s the craziest thing you’ve done in bed.
Dawn: I can’t say. My parents are going to read this. I have to portray the good image. Justine is the bad one and I’m the good one (laughs).

LRG: At least tell us what you look for in a lover.
Dawn: I like a guy who knows what he wants. I like a guy to be aggressive. I don’t like a guy to be like “Baby, can we do this?” Just do it! Don’t ask, just do it! Don’t play around. If you want it, take it. I don’t want a crazy or anyone slapping me up but I don’t like polite guys that keep asking. If you want it, go get it. I’ll be like “ok”. That’s sexy. I’m Asian. I’m subservient. (Laughs)

LRG: So are you into Lowriders?
Dawn: When I was younger I wanted to be on the cover of Lowrider before I did Import.

LRG: What did you think when you sister got two covers?
Dawn: I was secretly jealous, but more happy than jealous. I don’t ever really get jealous. I was like “Justine tell someone about me, put in a good word.” (Laughs).

LRG: Do you ever get tired of people asking about your sister?
Dawn: No. I love it. I just don’t like it when people say negative comments, That’s one thing I will get super angry and defensive about.

LRG: Do you want to say thanks to anyone? Any shout outs? Maybe say yes to the dress?
Dawn: I might be off the market soon. I might be a married woman. (Laughs).