Makeup: Juanita Perez
Car: ’85 Buick Regal Hopper
Car Owner: Big Spike from Gator Customs
Car Club: Majestics

Age: 21
Height: 5’8”
Measurements: 34D-27-34
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Ethnicity: Mexican and Costa Rican
Occupation: Model and go-go dancer

LRG: So far how do you think your modeling career is going?
Tanya: I think it’s going good. I’ve been modeling for three years and getting a lot of work lately. I’ve felt like quitting before but I try and stay positive. Even if a shoot is going bad, I try to keep positive.

LRG: Is topless in the future?
Tanya: I’ve had photographers push me to do topless and that’s just annoying. If I do implied it is because I want to. I would do it for Playboy. Maybe not right now but in the future. I feel like I still have a lot to do before I go topless. Once you go nude, you are just known as a nude model and I’m not ready for that. I think I have the potential to be in more magazines first.

LRG: What do you look for in a guy?
Tanya: I look at how they dress. They have to dress nice, and I like it when they have tattoos. When I talk to them I want to have a good conversation. I also want them to listen to good music and smell good.

LRG: What kind of music?
Tanya: R&B, hip-hop, and stuff like that. If I have to be with them in a car for a long time and they play music I don’t like, that’s a big turnoff.

LRG: You say that you also like tattoos?
Tanya: Yes but not stupid tattoos. Like if they have “F*** B*****” or “Get Money.” I saw a cute guy but then I saw he had tattoos like that and it was a major turnoff.

LRG: What else do you look for in guys?
Tanya: I like guys who have their stuff together. They have to have a job, their own apartment, and car. They also have to be close to their mom. I always ask them if they get along with their mom. That means a lot to me. I’ve met some guys that aren’t close to their mom and they turn out to be a*******. How they treat their mom is how they are going to treat you.

LRG: What do you look for in girls?
Tanya: I like girls with tattoos and girls who dress like guys. They also have to have their stuff together because I can’t have a girl who is only looking for a sugar mama.

LRG: So what’s your favorite position?
Tanya: You guys always ask me this! I don’t have a favorite, but I’ll try anything.

LRG: Anything? Girl on girl?
Tanya: Yes

LRG: Have you been with another girl?
Tanya: I dated a girl for about six months. She dressed like a guy and I thought she was cute. She flirted with me all the time, and I just started dating her. We just made out, held hands, hugged, and all that.

LRG: Have you had any other girlfriends?
Tanya: I haven’t been in a relationship with any other girls but I have kissed and done stuff with girls.

LRG: Have you been with a girl sexually?
Tanya: Uh? No . . .

LRG: Was that a yes?
Tanya: (silence)

LRG: What have you done?
Tanya: I can’t tell you! I don’t kiss and tell.

LRG: Well don’t tell me about the kiss, just the good stuff!
Tanya: Oh yeah! (laughs) I can’t do that. Lately girls have been approaching me and I don’t know why. Some of them have been models.

LRG: Have you been with a guy and girl at the same time?
Tanya: No, but I want to. (laughs). I don’t think that I would be down to do it.

LRG: So exactly how many beers would it take in order for you to be down with the get down?
Tanya: I don’t like beer. I like Hennessy and Coke or Vodka and Sprite.

LRG: OK. So how much Hennessy would it take in order for you to be OK with a threesome?
Tanya: Even if I’m f***** up, I still know what I’m doing and wouldn’t do it.

LRG: I thought that was something you wanted to do?
Tanya: It is, but I wouldn’t actually do it. It’s more of a fantasy. I was asked to do it once when I was really drunk, and I still didn’t do it.

LRG: Well if you ever change your mind, I’m willing to make the sacrifice to make your first time easier.
Tanya: You’re funny. (laughs)

LRG: Where is the craziest placet you’ve had sex?
Tanya: The craziest place I’ve had sex was at the beach. I’ve never done anything crazier than that. I don’t really have that many crazy stories.

LRG: Was that during the day?
Tanya: Yeah

LRG: So there were people around?
Tanya: Yes

LRG: Did people see you?
Tanya: People were walking by so I’m pretty sure they did. I don’t know.
LRG: What exactly did you guys do?
Tanya: Oh my god! Do I really have to tell you everything?

LRG: Yeah! Details. We want details!
Tanya: OK, so we were making out and then we had the urge to have sex, and I had a long coat. The coat kind of covered it. It was more like a quickie. It was fun, though. I think it’s more exiting when you do stuff like that. I guess I have to go out and do crazy stuff to comeback and tell you guys. (laughs)

LRG: Have you ever done it at the movie theater?
Tanya: No, but I want to.
LRG: Would you like to go see the new Cars 2 movie with me?

LRG: I’m thinking about marrying you.
Tanya: Me? Oh really? (laughs). I’m that lucky?
LRG: Yup. I’m going to make you stop modeling and we are going to have seven kids.
Tanya: Oh wow! Typical Mexican boyfriend.