Age: 22
Height: 5’5”

Measurements: 34B-26-37
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Ethnicity: Guatemalan, Puerto Rican
Occupation: Go-go Dancer

Favorite Quote: “Play like an all star, party like a rock star and f*** like a porn star.”

LRG: What do you do in your off time?
Stephanie: I spend my off time at home playing X-Box. My favorite game is Gears of War. I really like Marvel vs. Capcom too. You know what’s crazy; I’ll work out in the morning, tan, and then play video games in my bikini.

LRG: Where can a guy try and pick you up at?
Stephanie: Guys try and meet me at work, the mall, or at restaurants. Don’t do it when I’m dancing—That’s so annoying. I hate when I’m on the dance box and the guy’s like “Hey, can I get your number?” Approach me when I’m at the bar and not working. Don’t try the corny pickup line. One time a guy said, “I’d like to take off my shirt, but it’s illegal to have guns.” Are you serious? Just say “Hi, I’m John. I think you’re very beautiful. I’d like to get to know you better.” Don’t try so hard. We know why you are talking to me.

LRG: Once he’s got the secret 10, then what?
Stephanie: Take me to dinner, movie, and maybe a little wine bar, someplace where we can get to know each other. That way you don’t have to talk too much. I don’t want to talk too much on the first date. Let me process everything to see if I want a second date before you tell me your life story.

LRG: What’s your man of choice like?
Stephanie: I have a thing for dorks and people who make me laugh. If you are funny and entertain me it’s pretty simple. I like clowns. Also no bad hygiene! If you smell or pick your nose I’m leaving. My ultimate man geek would have to like Star Wars and go to the convention with me because I go every year.

LRG: What’s your poison?
Stephanie: I’m crazy. I’ll drink Wild Turkey in a cup with a little bit of ice. My friends call me a redneck. I don’t really know my limit. I’m a lightweight.

LRG: So what does it take to get you to get in the sheets?
Stephanie: I’m such a freak when it comes to the sheets, but it takes me a while to get me there. I’m not easy at all.

LRG: What’s this freaky- deaky side of you all about?
Stephanie: I like black lights, dominatrix, costumes, edible things; I’ll try anything once. [Laughs]. One time I had sex in a linen closet. It was at a family event.

LRG: It wasn’t with a relative was it?
Stephanie: God no. That’s disgusting. It was at my grandma’s house. Me and my boyfriend at the time went into the closet and did the deed.

LRG: Do you like girls?
Stephanie: I don’t like girls, but when I get drunk I kiss them. Is that weird? I’m scared of my own Va-jay-jay. I think they are so ugly. I could never experiment with another girl because they are ugly. Not girls, but like parts of girls. [Laughs]

LRG: What about toys?
Stephanie: Yes. Nothing [backside] though; don’t come over here with beads, or I’ll smack you in the face with them. I like vibrators, edible things, whips, handcuffs, all that stuff. I like doggy style. It feels better. I like my butt and I like when other people look at my butt. Why not show it off? I think I’m saying too much. [Laughs]

LRG: Why did you want to be in Lowrider Girls?
Stephanie: Lowrider has been around for a really long time. So many beautiful models got their career from Lowrider.