Makeup: Kim Bui

Age: 22
Height: 5’5”
Measurements: 32D-25-34
Hometown: Anaheim, CA
Ethnicity: Mexican
Occupation: Full-time Student

LRG: Let’s kick things off with the status of your dating life and tell us if you’re on the market?
Priscilla: I’m single and looking.

LRG: That’s what we like to hear, SINGLE! Now that we have that obstacle out of the way, what kind of drinks get you in the mood?
Priscilla: I like a dirty Martini. They get you pretty buzzed. But I have a high tolerance so you better buy me at least six or seven!

LRG: Six or seven MARTINIS? Wow! I was thinking more along the lines of an 18 pack of Bud Light might do the trick. That’s easier on a guy’s wallet!
Priscilla: LOL

LRG: Looks like getting you tipsy isn’t going to be that hard, but where should a guy take you to try and accomplish his ultimate goal?
Priscilla: I enjoy partying at places like Drai’s, The Standard Hotel, and XIV in Los Angeles—Any place fun and in the sun.

LRG: Ok, so far we’ve figured out that you are single and ready to mingle, love to party it up in L.A., and love to down dirty Martinis like water. Let’s move on to what guys really want to hear and tell us your perfect night that will lead to the ‘home run,’ if you will.
Priscilla: Let’s grab a bite to eat, take me out to a comedy club, and make me laugh. That’s the key to my heart. Buy me a few roundS of drinks, and then it’s off to my place if we hit it off.

LRG: Sounds pretty manageable. Once a guy is ‘in’, how many times a day do you like to have sex with him?
Priscilla: At least twice a day, and they have to last for 30 to 45 minutes and start from the top and go down from there—if you know what I mean. I like him to work it slow and then hard. Tease me, and then please me.

LRG: Does the sound of dirty talk score any extra points?
Priscilla: Yes! I like a guy to tell me what he wants when we’re doing it. That really gets me going. I like to talk dirty as well.

LRG: We all know girls love to dress up. Does this apply to you in the bedroom as well?
Priscilla: I like to be butt-naked with some red heels! Oh, and him wearing a black tie does it for me too. Also, my favorite is to dress up as a schoolgirl and he’s the teacher with the ruler ‘smackin’ dat ass.’ [Laughs]

LRG: Toys?
Priscilla: Lotions and a little vibrator do the trick!

LRG: Positions?
Priscilla: Doggy style. It really hits the spot as he’s pulling my hair. Mmm . . .

LRG: Looks like you are a little bit on the freaky side, I bet you have had a threesome in your lifetime, correct?
Priscilla: Actually no, but that would be my dream fantasy to fulfill a guys dream of having a threesome with another girl. Like maybe during a crazy night in Vegas in a hot tub. Start with foreplay then get down to sexy play.

LRG: Have you ever had an audience?
Priscilla: No, but once I made a video of a guy and me.

LRG: Sex tape! Now we’re talkin’ so looks like you do have an audience, because it’s probably hit the Internet by now with over a million views! I need to Google you with the safe search off.
Priscilla: Oh, no way! [Laughs]

LRG: Let’s change gears now and tell us what you want to do in your life.
Priscilla: I’m actually an LVN right now and would like to eventually become a nurse practitioner.

LRG: Where do you see your modeling career taking you?
Priscilla: I’m just doing it in the mean time. I love to be the center of attention, and this gives me an opportunity to do so.