Makeup: Sara Lander
Wardrobe: Kandy Shop Bikinis

Age: 23
Measurements: 32C-25-36
Height: 5″4′
Hometown: Melitopol, Ukraine
Ethnicity: Russian/Ukrainian
Occupation: Bartender

LRG: How are the men here different from the Ukraine?
Elena: To be honest, I never dated a Ukrainian man. Im not attracted to Ukrainian men. I like exotic looking men like Latinos. I like men with a sense of humor that are honest and clean.

LRG: What kind of responses do you get from guys and girls when they hear your accent?
Elena: I’m always asked, “Where am I from?” Some people think the Ukraine is still part of Russia. It’s not. Google it. I usually get along with guys better than girls. To be honest girls have always been jealous of my twin sister and me. I’m actually a very friendly person.

LRG: Wait. Stop. There are two of you?
Elena: Yea, I have an identical twin sister. But she has blonde hair.

LRG: How can a guy date both of you?
Elena: Only in his dreams (Laughs). We have different tastes.

LRG: Where are you bartending at now?
Elena: It’s a bikini bar.

LRG: How could a guy walk into your bar and get to know you?
Elena: I would never consider going out with a guy I met at work. What kind of guy picks up girls that work at bars? I could never take a guy I met at work seriously.

LRG: So if spilling a drink on you isn’t the way to your heart, then what’s the best way to approach you?
Elena: Be polite. Start with being a gentleman like opening a door or moving a chair, stuff like that. Maybe start with a compliment. Say something about how I look or my clothes. Good manners mean a lot to me.

LRG: Where do you meet the guys you go out with?
Elena: I meet them through friends. At least then you can get references.

LRG: References? Like for a job? Is there an application that I can fill out? What are the basic requirements? Do you need two forms of ID?
Elena: No! (Laughs) A guy should be responsible, honest and have a sense of humor. He has to make me laugh.

LRG: So a guy meets all the requirements, his background check comes back clean and you agree to go out with him. Where should he take you on the first date?
Elena: Go drinking I guess. Or go smoke a [cigarette]. Its more about the chemistry. If we click, nothing else matters.

LRG: Let’s get to the nitty-gritty. How many drinks does it take to get you drunk?
Elena: I’m a cheap date. After three drinks you can take me home. Just kidding. No really like five shots and I’m going to be wasted especially off of Purple Hooters and Red Headed Sluts.

LRG: So the magic number is five shots and then it’s straight to your house?
Elena: No. I usually don’t do that. Usually by the time I’m that drunk, I’ll be talking a lot and making jokes. I think I’m a pretty fun drunk. I think. Sometimes I don’t remember all the details (Laughs).

LRG: What’s you’re favorite Lowrider and why?
Elena: I like the Lowrider trike I was riding around. That was fun. I don’t know how to ride anything else.

LRG: And you can drink five shots and still ride home!
Elena: Laughs. Yeah … totally…