Make-Up: Maria Rivera
Hair by: Jasmine Hebreo
Wardrobe by: Sam Martinez


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Measurements: 34/25/39
Height: 5’ 7”
Hometown: Germany
Occupation: Model/Actress
Ethnicity: Turkish/Greek/Egyptian
Favorite Quote: “There are three ingredients in life: Learning, Earning and Yearning. : ) “

Girls: What is one thing that makes you feel sexy?
Metisha: Wearing a pretty dress.

Girls: What’s your favorite sport team?
Metisha: I love the Chargers and the Celtics.

Girls: What’s your favorite place to hang out?
Metisha: I love to be in a nice restaurant with a great atmosphere.

Girls: What’s your favorite car?
Metisha: Bugatti

Girls: What are a few things a guy should know if they are trying to start a relationship with you?
Metisha: Knowledge is very important to me … combined with a very good heart, but obviously the first attraction is physical, so I love the athletic build.

Girls: Do you consider yourself to be kinky?
Metisha: Yea, a l’il!

Girls: What do you wear to bed?
Metisha: Some boy shorts and a wife beater.

Girls: How long do you like for it to last?
Metisha: Well it depends … sometimes I like it fast and sometimes I like it to last for an hour at least.