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Measurements: 34, 28, 42
Height: 5’6”
Hometown: Van Nuys, California
Occupation: Bartender
Ethnicity: Hispanic
Favorite Quote: “Scared money don’t make no money.”- Jaja

Girls: What are a few things that make you feel sexy?
Ayala: A few things that make me feel sexy would have to be candles lit and a nice bubble bath.

Girls: What’s your favorite place to hang out?

Ayala: My favorite place to hang out would have to be my house … where there are no rules!

Girls: What’s your favorite car?
Ayala: An ’87 Chevy El Camino, all black.

Girls: What are a few things a guy should know if they are trying to start a relationship with you?
Ayala: They must know that I’m a free spirit who loves to travel.

Girls: Do you consider yourself kinky?

Ayala: Mmmh hmmm … I think if the chemistry is there, why not?

Girls: What do you wear to bed?
Ayala: I actually wear nothing to bed, sleeping naked is the best!

Girls: Have you ever done “it” in front of other people?

Ayala: Noooo. I’m not that wild, just a little.

Girls: How long do you like it to last?

Ayala: I would have to say all night, baby!