Make-Up: Gabriela Ramos
Wardrobe Provided By: Kandyshop

Girls: What does a man have to say to get you in the mood?
Uldouz: “I’ll do anything for you!” (laughing)

Girls: Do you enjoy role-playing in the bedroom?
Uldouz: Sometimes, only if the time is right!

Girls: What’s your favorite theme park?
Uldouz: Disneyland

Girls: Would you ever have a threesome with your boyfriend?
Uldouz: No, I couldn’t do it.

Girls: What do you think about a one-night stand?
Uldouz: It’s not for me.

Girls: What do you do to make a living?
Uldouz: Internet Marketing

Girls: Which do you prefer … men or women?
Uldouz: Men all the way!

Girls: Do you enjoy cold and rainy days or sunny days?
Uldouz: I love sunny days, but once in a while I like cold and rainy days to stay in and cuddle.


Age: 29
Measurements: 34-23-39
Height: 5’5″
Hometown: San Diego, CA
Occupation: Internet Marketer
Ethnicity: Persian
Favorite Quote: “Actions speak louder than words.”