Interview By: Armando Garcia

Age: 22<br />
Measurements: 32D-23-37<br />
Height: 5'6<br />
Weight: 122<br />
Hometown: Miami, Florida

Girls: Who do you owe your exotic looks to?
Jessica: Well my father is from Spain and my mother is of Cuban descent.

Girls: Well, it looks as though that mix worked out pretty good!
Jessica: (Laughs)

Girls: So you live in Miami, what’s the weather like out there … just in case some people are hidden under a rock somewhere?
Jessica: HOT! It’s always hot here in Miami. Oh, and very humid.

Girls: So what do you do to keep your bank account full?
Jessica: I model, do promotions, events and anything else that comes my way.

Girls: That sounds like you are a very busy girl. What else do you have going on?
Jessica: I am about to start acting classes, I want to get more TV opportunities in the future.

Girls: Everyone says that Miami has some of the hottest clubs. Would you say that is true?
Jessica: Yes, people tend to get pretty wild in some of the clubs. People making out, having sex and just getting wild. But not me, I don’t do that kind of stuff in the club. (Laughs)

Girls: Really, so no sex in the club, huh? That didn’t sound too convincing. Since we are on that subject, let’s give the readers some of the juicy info. Do you like girls?
Jessica: I have just kissed a girl, nothing more.

Girls: How many times a day?
Jessica: 2 to 3

Girls: How do you like it?
Jessica: Rough, for someone to throw me around, pull my hair and that sort of stuff.

Girls: Favorite position?
Jessica: Reverse cowgirl.

Girls: Toys?
Jessica: I like rings.

Girls: Rings? I won’t even go there. Seems like it’s getting hot in here, let’s end this by letting you tell the readers what’s on your mind. You have the floor.
Jessica: Actually, I would like to voice my concerns on the mistreatment o f animals. One day, I would like to start a program or shelter of some sort that protects animals from abuse and mistreatment.

Girls:Thank You for your time Jessica and we look forward to seeing what you do in the future.
Jessica: Thank you, and much love to Lowrider Girls magazine.