Interview By: Armando Garcia

Wardrobe: Bikinis Provided By Kandy-Shop

Girls: I think the first thing that men (and a few women) might want to know is… are you single?
Jessenia: Yes, I am.

Girls: What’s your favorite place to eat in your hometown?
Jessenia: There is this place called Van Gogh’s Ear Café, they have the best Chicken Portobello in the world.

Girls: Does modeling pay the bills for you?
Jessenia: No, actually what pays the bills is my employment as an LPN Nurse. I work in an ER. Actually the Psychiatric section of the ER.

Girls: Wow, that sounds like an interesting as well as challenging job. Anything crazy ever happen while on the job?

Jessenia: Not to long ago I got socked in the face. The patient was apparently bi-polar and while I was getting her a blanket, she just straight out punched me.Age: 25
<BR>Measurements: 34C-26-37
<BR>Height: 5'3
<BR>Weight: 125
<BR>Hometown: Newark, New Jersey

Girls: Damn! Socked you huh. Did it hurt?
Jessenia: Ya, but I took it like a champ you could say.

Girls: As we all can see, you seem to have modeling down pretty good. What other talents do you have?
Jessenia: I’m into acting. I have done some lead roles in music videos, and I recently did a cameo in a film and also did a narrative short film.

Girls: Let’s switch gears and get into the wild side of Jessenia Vice. Guys or Girls?
Jessenia: I have actually done the whole bi-sexual thing, and it seems that girls are a little to crazy and emotional for me. I prefer men.

Girls: Turn-ons in the bedroom?
Jessenia: I’m a sucker for massages. Give me a good massage and I’m all yours!

Girls: Craziest place you have ever done it?
Jessenia: I would have to say at an oil refinery on top of those big round oil containers.

Girls: What is your ritual after doing the deed?
Jessenia: I am all about pleasing, so I like to rub his head and put him to sleep.

Girls: How do people contact you for bookings?

Girls: Looks like our time is up here! I also wanted to add that readers should look you up on YouTube and watch your Nintendo Wii video. It’s very nice I must say! Is there anything you would like to let the world know before you go?
Jessenia: Even though I won the Kim Kardashian look-a-like contest on the Tyra Show, I also want everyone to know that I look like Jessenia Vice and not Kim. I also want to thank Lowrider Girls for this opportunity.