Interview By: Armando Garcia

Girls: What brings home the bacon?
Estefany: I do promo modeling, promotions and I bartend.

Girls: You look very exotic, what ethnicity do you owe your good looks to?
Estefany: I am of Dominican Republic decent.

Girls: What’s your favorite quote?
Estefany: “Treat others as you would like to be treated.”

Girls: Are you currently attached?
Estefany: YesAge:  27
<BR>Measurements: 34C-25-37
<BR>Height: 5'2
<BR>Weight: 112
<BR>Hometown: Newport News, Virgina

Girls: So you are hitched… with a guy or girl?
Estefany: (Laughs} Strictly Dickely!

Girls: How did you get your start into the world of glamour modeling?
Estefany: I’ve always had an interest in Victoria’s Secret type modeling but could not really model due to the fact that I was in the military. Eventually, I was contacted by another men’s magazine and that’s how I got started.

Girls: The body has many great attributes. Give us an idea of what you think your best body part is.
Estefany: My hair and my smile, as well as my big beautiful eyes.

Girls: How many times a day do you like to have sex?
Estefany: 2 times a day, 3 if I have time!

Girls: So what is Ms. Estefany’s favorite position she likes to get herself into?
Estefany: I like it when I’m on my tummy.

Girls: When in the bedroom doing the deed, what really turns you on?
Estefany: Getting him off.

Girls: Do you like wearing lingerie or would you rather jump straight into your birthday suit when getting ready for a night of sin?
Estefany: I like wearing sexy lingerie as long as it has easy access.

Girls: Do you consider yourself kinky?
Estefany: No

Girls: Do you like kinky guys?
Estefany: YES!

Girls: The floor is yours, tell the world what’s on your mind.
Estefany: I’ll just let people know that I’ve never had an interest in history. I hated remembering dates and who did what. Until I learned about this nation’s conspiracy theories, lies and cover ups. The truth about what’s really going on in today’s world goes beyond what we are taught to believe. Now, I’m probably going to have the CIA on my a** for saying that. Lol

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