LRG: What’s your ethnicity?

Kristal: I am full blown Mexican!<strong>Height:</strong> 5'3<BR>
<strong>Weight:</strong> 130<BR>
<strong>Measurement:</strong> 36/27/42

LRG: What part of Texas are you from?

Kristal: I’m from Fort Worth, TX

LRG: Is it true what they say… that everything is big in Texas?

Kristal: Yes it is! Can’t you see (laughing).

LRG: What makes your city better than any other?

Kristal: In my opinion, I think that people are much nicer, especially because it is a small city and more people know each other.

LRG: What’s your favorite place to eat?

Kristal: My Mothers Kitchen! There’s nothing like my mami’s home cooking.

LRG: What’s your best asset?

My smile.

LRG: What’s your favorite club?

Kristal: I would have to say club LIV in Miami.

LRG: What’s your favorite color?

Kristal: Gold! You know Latina’s love gold.

LRG: What are some of your talents?

Kristal: I’m a great television host & Actress (smile).

LRG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kristal: I see myself owning businesses and or making MOVIES!

LRG: If you were deserted on an island for 3 months, would you prefer to have a man, woman, or both?

Kristal: I would say a man, but since I’m on a deserted Island I would spice it up a bit and do both (laughing).

LRG: What’s your favorite spot to hang out in LA?

Kristal: I would have to say Wonderland on a Saturday night, hosted by @Marcus2braids.

LRG: If you could meet another model, who would it be and why?

Kristal: I don’t actually have a model that I would like to meet but there is a female out there that I would love to meet and that’s Kim Kardashian because she has branded her name and I could definitely learn from her.