Car Club: Majestic High Desert

MUA: Gabriela Ramos (

LRG: What’s the craziest thing you have ever done?

Jessica Rabbit: About a year ago, one of my friends dared me to do a standing split (ballet) in the middle of the 405 freeway. Being the fearless person I am, I took the bet and without thinking twice I made an A-Line for center stage. Once in place, not only did I nail the move winning the bet, I boastfully added a couple extra moves. Thirty minutes later I eventually managed to get back across the opposite side of the now 10 lane highway alive and well. I’d like to take this moment to thank GOD for all of the construction taking place at that time, the 15+ years of classical dance training I was blessed to embrace upon, and all of the people who decided to take side streets that early morning.

LRG: What’s your favorite sports team?

Jessica Rabbit: Football has always had my heart! Maybe it’s my inner cheerleader, or the fact that my mother is a die hard Chargers fan, or to top it off AND more than likely, my best friend, Jyles Tucker #94, plays for the Chargers. Making me a BOLTS GIRL!!! BLUE AND GOLD ALL DAY BAYBAY!

LRG: What’s your favorite drink?

Jessica Rabbit: Well… speaking of that, I don’t drink alcohol. I’ve become quit the juice-a-holic. Parrot Coconut juice is the current trend of the month.

LRG: What’s your favorite position?

Jessica Rabbit: I like to be in control! I want to take care of my man, making him feel pleasure in ways he couldn’t imagine… Usher said it best “trading places”.

LRG: Flowers or chocolate?

Jessica Rabbit: I would say diamonds… (smile).

LRG: Do you like a** holes or nice guys?

Jessica Rabbit: As hard as it is to find a mixture of the two, I HATE a push over!!! My man must wear the pants in the1 relationship, yet know that at the end of the day I run our household! I expect to be treated like a queen; chivalry is NOT dead, so please stop acting like it is.

LRG: What would be your ideal first date?

Jessica Rabbit: I would say anything out of the ordinary, if you can’t make it memorable please don’t approach me or even bother asking.

LRG: Do you prefer calling or texting?

Jessica Rabbit: Calling! In that way I’m extremely old fashion. I feel as though texting is the least form of personal communication there is. True pet peeve!

LRG: What’s your favorite food?

Jessica Rabbit: SUSHI, I love fish! I’m a sucker for seafood. Crustaceans is one of my favorite restaurants. I’m definitely a 300-pound person trapped in this 130-pound body.

LRG: Do you like making love or straight sex?

Jessica Rabbit: Depends on my mood, like I said previously, I am an extremely passionate person so I enjoy making love more because the deeper the emotional connection – the greater the orgasm. It’s pure intensity… hair gripping, bodies tensing while finger tips drag down backs, nibbles turning into soft bites leading to fiery lust filled kisses until finally both are overwhelmed and taking us to levels we’ve never experienced. Now when it comes to sex, it’s cut and dry. Choke me. Spank me. Pull my hair. Rough me up! (Laughing)

LRG: Are you into women? And if so what’s your type?

Jessica Rabbit: Yes, yet not as much as men. Women are sultry, sexy and soft. In order to catch my eye a woman has to be out of the ordinary, rare, and exotic… not only intelligent but intellectual as well.