LRG: What’s your ethnicity?

Lisa: I am a good mix of Puerto Rican and Cuban

LRG: Where are you from?

Lisa: Miami, Florida

LRG: How long have you been modeling for?

Lisa: I’ve been modeling for about 11 years now.

LRG: What sparked your interest into wanting to become a model?

Lisa: As a child, I wasn’t shy or quiet. I would put on my moms clothes, makeup and pretend I was at a runway show (laughing). My friends and I used to get a video camera and interview each other. My first modeling job was at the age of 13, for JC Penney! I was a part of a back to school fashion show, hosted by Seventeen magazine. It was a great experience.

LRG: What projects do you have coming up?

Lisa: I currently co-host the music countdown for a national television show called Descontrol, it airs every Saturday at 1pm on Telemundo. I’m also currently in the running to become Maxim’s Hometown Hottie 2010, and become the face of Joe Boxer Line for Kmart store signage. I have a photo shoot for the new Playboy Intimates Line, and also working with Venue magazine to host their new TV Show. Oh… I’m also set to film an independent film. I like to stay busy (smiling)!

LRG: What is your ultimate goal in modeling?

Lisa: My ultimate goal is to be an inspiration for other young women in the world and to never give up on their goals in life.

LRM: What makes a car sexy?

Lisa: The shape, color, exhaust and me in it!

LRM: What turns you on?

Lisa: Wine, oysters, chocolate, kisses in my neck, whispering nice things in my ear, a six-pack (laughing) and great moves!

LRM: What do you look for in a guy?

Lisa: A great smile, confidence, humor, a gentleman, caring, easy to talk to, good dancer, smart, and honest… that’s all!

LRM: What makes you sexy?

Lisa: My exotic look and Latin flavor. My smile and sexy eyes!

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