Guilty Pleasures: Redbull with salt and vinegar chips.

Likes/Dislikes in Men:
Likes: confidence, a nice smile, and clean cut.
Dislikes: Insecurity, a guy that thinks he’s a player, and someone with no goals in life.

Three things you can’t live without: Blackberry, pasta, God.

LRG: What type of men do you like?

Jasmin: I like tall and athletic men.

LRG: What makes you sexy?

My confidence.

LRG: Describe your dream date?

Jasmin: It would be with someone I could make an immediate connection with, and spend the evening just having a good time no matter what we do.

LRG: What type of music do you like?

Jasmin: I like R&B and Hip Hop.

LRG: Do you have any special talents?

Jasmin: I can design and make clothes.

LRG: What’s your definition of sexy?

Jasmin: Confidence and being down to earth about it.

LRG: Do you have any hobbies?

Jasmin: Besides shopping nothing (smile).

LRG: Tell us a funny but embarrassing story.

Jasmin: When I was going home at the end of the day at my old job, my pencil skirt ripped open in the back when I was going into my car! Thank God I was going home because I was literally assed out (Laughing).

LRG: What makes you different than most models?

Jasmin: I have a bachelor’s degree and I always remain humble no matter what.

LRG: Describe your dream Lowrider. Color and name.

Jasmin: My dream lowrider car would be pearl white, and it would be named “Snow White”.