LRM: What’s your nationality?

Regina: I am East Indian.Hair & Make-up: Kim Bui - <a href=

LRM: Where are you from?

Regina: Hayward, CA.

LRM: What drives you crazy about a man?

Regina: His ambition! I love a guy who works hard and doesn’t just go with the motions… to me that is sooo sexy.

LRM: Are you attracted to women? If you were, what would be your type?

Regina: I’m comfortable enough to admit that a woman is beautiful, but I will always be attracted to men!

LRM: Would you rather chill at home or party?

Regina: I would rather chill at home, but I wouldn’t mind good company either (smiling).

LRM: What turns you on?

Regina: A nice smile, sense of humor, and great style!

LRM: What do you do on your free time?

Regina: I absolutely love watching movies, shopping, and spending time with friends.

LRM: What makes you sexy?

Regina: My confidence makes me sexy… it comes from within.

LRM: What makes you different than most girls?

Regina: I try to be the best at everything I do.

LRM: Describe your ideal date?

Regina: I’m not picky but dinner and a movie sounds good to me!