LRM: Where are you from?

Paola: I’m from a small town in West TX, actually its called Sonora TX.

LRM: What’s your nationality?

Paola: I’m a proud Mexicana who loves her Mexican culture (smile).

LRM: Do you have any hobbies?

Paola: I have many hobbies, but my three favorites would be working out, hanging with friends, and of course shopping!!!

LRM: Tell us one secret about yourself?

Paola: Ummmm… well at home I love walking around naked! (Laughing).

LRM: What do you like in the bedroom? Are you the type to take control or are you more submissive?

Paola: Let’s just say that I’m very versatile.

LRM: What turns you on?

Paola: I love a man with an amazing body.

LRM: Tell us an embarrassing but funny story that happen on a date?

Paola: My date and I were walking up to the restaurant, and as he opens the door for me, a big gust of wind sends my dress flying up giving him a glimpse of my ass (laughing).

LRM: What is the sexiest part about a woman’s body?

Paola: Her legs and lips.

LRM: What makes you sexy?

Paola: I would have to say my legs.

LRM: Describe yourself in three words?

Paola: Optimistic, loyal, and persistent.