LRM: Where are you from?

Ashlee: I was born in the United States… East Coast.

LRM: What’s your nationality?

Ashlee: I am Caucasian and Trinidadian.

LRM: What’s the best thing you like about your city?

Ashlee: The “homey” feel of it, and how the restaurants, theaters, and malls are very close together.

LRM: Do you find guys that play sports sexy? If so why?

Ashlee: Yes, because they work together as a team, and most of them have great bodies.

LRM: If you had your own sexy soccer team, name 5 sexy girls you would pick to be on your team?

Ashlee: Only 5?! There are way too many sexy girls out there (smile). I would just make a mega soccer team packed with hundreds of hot ladies.

LRM: What do you do for fun? Are you a party girl, or the type that like to stay home and cuddle?

Ashlee: I enjoy getting dressed up and going out with friends, but I’m much more of a “stay-at-home” type of girl.

LRM: Describe yourself in 3 words?

Ashlee: Shy, Silly, and Confident.

LRM: What makes you sexy?

Ashlee: I find my personality to be sexy, along with my eyes and the way I present myself.