LRG: How did you get into modeling?

Terricka: Its funny cause I fell into modeling by the way of dance and appearing in videos, as well as being a Wild’n Out Girl on MTV. After I had appeared in certain videos and on Nick Cannon’s show, different magazines would contact me about doing different spreads, which I thought was pretty cool.Mua: Kim Bui<br>

Debbie Allen Dance

LRG: Terricka what sets you aside from other models?

Terricka: I think what makes me different from most models is the fact that I am more then just a pretty face. I’m very versatile, I consider myself an around performer. I have a college degree, and I’m a professional dancer, gymnast, and actress. I feel that a lot of models can’t bring all that to the table.

LRG: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Terricka: In five years I see myself as a working actress. As well as having a non-profit Performance Art Center called “The Movement”, which will cater to kids who are interested in dance, theatre, photography, editing, and singing. Not only that, but also working on the Terricka Cason Foundation which helps single mothers as well as young ladies to remain baby free until they graduate school or become married.

LRG: How did you get involved with the E! Television show “Candy Girls”?

Terricka: Well, I got involved with “Candy Girls” by being one of Danielle’s models. I was one of the 1st models to work with her and her agency.

LRG: What is your definition of a true “Candy Girl”?

My definition of a “Candy Girl” is a girl that looks “yummy”, sexy, and tasteful. Basically a chic that makes your mouth water.

LRG: Do you think you were misrepresented in the show “Candy Girls”?

Terricka: I think they exaggerated my personality and me a little bit. I am not a bitch… I just know what I want and what I am not willing to except. This is a male dominated industry and I am not going to allow anyone to take advantage of me. Overall I’m a very nice loving and respectful person, who has been successful in the industry so far.

LRG: If you can change one thing that you said or did on the show what would it be and why?

Terricka: If I could change one thing in the show that I did… (Laughing), well at the time I wish I wouldn’t of held Miss Brooke Bailey back from kicking Kysha a$$. After watching the show she should have gotten her butt tapped! That girl was a straight hater and a liar. She was really disrespecful to all of us especially Brooke for throwing her stuff on the floor.

LRG: What makes Terricka Cason sexy?

Terricka: I think the demeanor of my over package makes me sexy. I’m educated, fun, REAL, and have an amazing personality. I think I’m pretty cute too (smile). So with all those things in the mixing pot, God did an awesome job (laughing).

LRG: In your opinion, what makes women sexy?

Terricka: I think a woman’s brain as well as her sense of humor.

LRG: What is one thing that you hate about the industry?

Terricka: The one thing that I hate about this industry is how they portray women, as well as the stereotypes. Not all video models sleep with artist, it’s not all we do or have to offer. Modeling is a real job, so I really dislike when people say get a “real job”. For one this is not an easy profession and not everyone can do it. To me you can’t make a video without eye candy. People wouldn’t watch it! It would be sooo boring. Every guy and girl looks at a video or a magazine to see a hot chick. We are not just video models but more like the co-stars. People need to start respecting what we do, as well as themselves when they’re working in this industry.

LRG: Tell us a dirty but funny joke?

Terricka: (Laughing)… ok I got a really funny one… here it goes… The white horse jumped in the mud! (Laughing) Well that’s nasty isn’t it? Sorry I’m a laffy taffy riddle kind of girl (smile).