I am Italian and Greek, born and raised in Cali. I am 5’6, with two personalities, sort of like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce (laughing). On one hand there’s my sweet, caring, friendly side that loves to cook, read, and talk about politics and global issues. But then on the other hand… I mean, I don’t have a name for her yet but, there is my diva side that is funny with an ITALIAN TEMPER that comes out during photo shoots, or when I’m dancing and I hear my jam! I love both sides of me and both side entail more about me then I can ever write, but for the most part, they are complete opposites and they keep me balanced.

Like I said, being Italian I LOOOOOVEEEEE FOOD! So of course I love to cook anything! I get really into it and I always watch the Food Network to get new ideas. My favorite food is Italian, hands down!

I’m really into movies. When I’m alone, I watch the sappy love stories, lame 80’s movies, or the really hardcore gangster flicks like Boyz in Da Hood. My favorite Italian mafia movie I would say is the Goodfellas (laughing).

My favorite Lowrider is a 1964 Impala. Black, blue or white… dropped low with a bangin sound system, to me that is so sexy. I think the sexiest thing about ME physically are my eyes as well as my derriere…I love my booty (laughing).

Overall, I am a very loving person and I love to cuddle! I’m a hip-hop lover and I appreciate all types of music, but give me some Jay-Z, some T-Pain or Luda and I’m all good!