Hair and makeup: Ricardo FerriseWardrobe stylist:

What’s your ethnicity and what are you commonly mistaken for?
English and Irish, but sometimes in the summer I get asked if I have some Latino in me because I get so tan.

What’s your favorite sport?
I love football (Dallas Cowboys) and basketball (Lakers).

What is a Lowrider girl to you?
Someone who loves hot lowriders and the men who drive them!

Would you rather shop or have sex?
Have sex!

Tell us a funny but dirty joke.
What do a peach and a p*ssy have in common? They are both soft, fuzzy, juicy, and if you go deep enough you will hit a nut. [Laughing]

What makes you different from most models?
Unlike most models I never thought I would be modeling for my career, it just kind of happened. I’m a small town girl living a wonderful, exciting life and enjoying every minute of it.

Do you like the lights on or off?
I like low light right in between. I prefer candles, it sets the mood.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
I see myself as a well-known model, hopefully with enough money to own my own house at the beach, and still loving life and reaching my goals.

What makes you sexy?
Physically my lips and my boobs, but having confidence and a good personality make me even sexier.