MUA: Darielle Rose
Booking: R. Valentino VMG/Icon Models

What’s your ethnicity, and what are you commonly mistaken for?
I’m White, Mexican, Guamanian, and Native American. I am mistaken for like every race possible [laughing]. People can never figure it out!

What’s your favorite sport?
I love football!

What is a Lowrider girl to you?
Me duh [smiling]. I would have to say a classy chick with a little ‘hood twist.

Would you rather shop or have sex?

Tell us a funny but dirty joke.
How are women and tornados alike? They both moan like hell when they come and they’ll take the house when they leave!

What makes you different from most models?
At the end of the day I’m just a regular girl. I do things and like things that guys wouldn’t expect me to do or like, I love to have fun, I’m goofy, wild, and just live and enjoy my life.

Do you like the lights on or off?
Depends on who it is!

Where do you see yourself in five years?
Hopefully rich, [laughing]. I just hope I’m successful and reach all my goals. I’ll never give up on what I really want, so most likely I will.

What makes you sexy?
Well physically maybe my butt and my eyes stand out a lot, plus I’m really exotic looking, but to me sexy is more than just physical-hopefully guys feel the same-but I’m also really outgoing and easy to get along with.