Everything about Teresa Noreen is appealing. The way she looks during every public outing, the fact that she’s sweet and respectful of everyone, the fact that she doesn’t think she is God’s gift to men and the way her ultra-fit figure looks in every single thing she wears. But the best part is that although she looks like an innocent girl, we know Teresa Noreen is a wild woman behind closed doors.

Born in Washington state, this beauty studied architecture and accounting while she was in college. After college she joined the United States Air Force where she received the “Senior Airman Below-the-Zone” award, which promoted her to the next rank six months before everyone else. It’s safe to say that Teresa doesn’t mind getting down and dirty, and fellas, this hot mama is always up for a challenge.

Turn-ons:Intelligence, integrity, sincerity, compassion and confidence without arrogance.

Turn-offs:Rudeness, dishonesty, overt displays of wealth, hatefulness, jealousy and people who require laws to force them to be considerate of others.

Interests:Cars, her pets, her sweetheart, computers, video games, modeling, investing, craftwork, construction, architecture and DIY home projects.

Heroes:”My fans are my heroes-they give me the motivation to give everything I have! As well as Nikola Tesla, Mother Teresa and Robert Kiyosaki.”