Why can’t all trips to the mechanic’s shop be this tantalizing?

LRG Gets a Lil Personal with Sandy Garza

LRG: Sandy we know that there is something that a man can do to get you in the mood, what is it?Sandy: Well…skills in the kitchen is the quickest way to get into my heart!

LRG: What turns you on more, a blue-collar man or white-collar man?Sandy: Ummm, I would say a blue-collar guy all the way! I think they have the ability to keep up with me physically… if you know what I mean (smiling).

LRG: Do you considered yourself to be a diva or hood star?Sandy: Hood star. My parents taught me that you gotta work hard to get to where you need to be!

LRG: True dat, true dat. Tell us three things you can’t live without?Sandy: Family, music, and the arts, and most importantly, sex!

LRG: Sex huh, my kind of girl! What do you wear to bed?Sandy: When it’s hot…nothing!

LRG: Do you consider yourself to be a flirt?Sandy: I’m not a flirt at all, I just like to tease!

LRG: Where’s the craziest place you have ever had sex?Sandy: In the break room of a tire shop.

LRG: Sounds a little freaky, I like it! Tell me what is your dream car?Sandy: Mercedes SL600 Roadster

LRG: What’s the worst pickup line that you have ever heard?Sandy: “I just wet my pants, can I get in yours?”

LRG: What’s the sexiest part on a man’s body?Sandy: Their backs, which I love massaging!

LRG: Is that right? Speaking of massaging, can you hit that left shoulder after this interview (laughing)?Sandy: (Laughing) sureeeee…

LRG: Sorry I got a little side tracked, anyway what are your biggest turn offs, besides bad breath?Sandy: Money braggers lose my interest quickly!

LRG: We know you travel to Cali a lot, how is the modeling industry different from Texas?Sandy: It sure is different! I noticed that it’s more cutthroat in Cali than in Texas. Being a model in Texas is like being a fish in a small pond, but in Cali it’s more like a fish in a huge sea.

LRG: Yeah that’s true, Cali is full of models, as well as wannabes! Since you’ve been in the industry for a while, tell us what was your first major embarrassment?Sandy: My top popped off in the middle of a dance audition for a professional sports organization. Needless to say, I made the cut (laughing).

LRG: Do you have a regular job or just model full time?Sandy: I model full time for now because I plan to go back to school for a second degree.

LRG: Are you a martini or beer kind of girl? Why?Sandy: Beer. I’m not a priss, I can drink it up with the boys anytime!

LRG: How can a man get your interested?Sandy: Their looks attract me first somewhat, but mostly it’s the way he treats me. That wins me over every time!

LRG: Would you be a good cop or a bad cop?Sandy: Bad cop! I wanna take advantage of all the cute guys and handcuff them. Wink! Wink!

LRG: Last but not least, what is your favorite quote?Sandy: Some days you’re the dog, other days you’re the hydrant.Website (www.sandygarza.com). And of course, myspace! www.myspace.com/sandygarza